Favorite Trader Joe's Items

Recently, I've been on a Trader Joe's kick.  I love pretty much everything in that store. A good Saturday afternoon to me is spent walking around TJ's leisurely on the hunt for more new-to-me items.  They think of everything and make it easy for girls like me (who are horrible at meal planning, cooking, grocery shopping, etc.) to actually put meals together.

I love finding new things to try and reading other people's favorite items, so I thought I would share a few of my picks with you guys.

I've posted this before, but it is too good to not include in this post.  TJ's chicken salad is crazy good. I usually take it to work with me with pita chips or crackers and it makes a wonderful lunch.
Nothing too exciting here except for the miniature goat cheese rounds. YES PLEASE. These are a perfect snack. Oh and definitely do yourself a favor and try the spinach and kale greek yogurt dip. It is one of my favorites!

Sometimes the idea of a meat, cheese and bread meal is way more appealing than the traditional meat and veggies.  Trader Joes has a great selection of cheeses and cured meats that are super affordable. I'm always trying new flavors-this is what I bought today.

I am a SUCKER for all the sweets that are so conveniently placed above the frozen meals. Probably my most favorite TJ's item is the kettle corn. It's so good, it has to be taken away from me-I'll eat the whole bag otherwise.  Also, I love all the items they make in the cookie butter line. I haven't tried these peanut butter cups yet, but have a feeling they won't last long in this house! The Meyer lemon cookies are so yummy and pair so well with a frozen yogurt or ice cream. I love lemon anything and these are perfect!

I'll admit it, I love TJ's mostly for their frozen meals. Yep. I just said that. They're the perfect portion for 2 people and the choices are almost endless. Lately, I'm on an asian cuisine kick, so I've loved trying all their options.  Also, those sesame sticks are one of my favorite snacks. I keep those in my desk at work.

A few other random favorites. LOVE the Coconut Oil cooking spray. I always stock up on oils, vinegars and sauces at TJ's because they are so reasonably priced.  I use the cinnamon sugar grinder for toast-it reminds me of the toast my Grandmomma always made me when I was a little girl. My mom has been OBSESSED with the lavendar dyer bags for years. I stock up for her everytime I go. They make your clothes smell heavenly.

And MOST importantly, I love Trader Joes the most for their flower selection. I buy fresh flowers every week and their options and prices cannot be beat.

Drugstore Beauty Finds: Part Two

For Part Two of this week's Drug Store Finds, I'm sharing a few items that I am absolutely CRAZY about!  Yesterday we talked about makeup, but today is all about hair and skin.
Volumizing Mousse * Shampoo * Conditioner * Lotion * Face Wipes

I cannot explain how much I love this mousse. It has the best scent and isn't sticky at all and gives my hair the best volume. 

My hair is dry and needs all the love and TLC it can get. I love that this shampoo is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. The smell is yummy and it does a great job of making my hair squeaky clean without drying it out.

Stop what you are doing right now. Read this carefully. THIS is the holy grail of all perfect hair products. The bottle promises using this conditioner will give you that "good hair day" look. And yall-it aint lying. I  literally felt like a hair model on those commercials whose hair is constantly flipping around and looks super healthy and soft. It worked so well that Chris at dinner kept prompting me to flip the hair. When a man notices your hair...you hold onto the product that worked so well. Seriously, I am beyond in love with this conditioner. 

This is my favorite lotion from the drugstore. It is so moisturizing, smells so good and lasts all day!

I'm not always the best about washing my face before bed. I love these face wipes. They do a great job quickly removing makeup (even mascara) and leave my skin feeling fresh. 30 seconds max. These are amazing.

Drugstore Finds: Part One

Confession: I spent a crazy amount of time Friday night watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts about the latest and greatest beauty items. I kept finding items I'd never heard of and it really inspired me to take a trip to see what I could find.  I'm going to make this a two part series since I have quite a lot to share. Today we'll start with makeup and tomorrow I'll share my latest favorites for hair and body.

Let's get this party started.

Lipstick * Brow Pencil Set *Brow Gel * Mascara * Blush * Foundation * Eye Shadow-Dark * Eye Shadow-Light
I found two eye shadow shades in the Milani line that were too gorgeous to pass up.  The price was just as great. These both have quite a bit of shimmer to them, so I recommend layering these and definitely use an eyeshadow base to start. I'm especially obsessed with the darker color (Bella Bronze). 

Now for the show-stopper. This blush is my new obsession. It packs a ton of color so be sure to use it very lightly. I wore this to dinner Saturday and loved it. The peachy pink feels so springy and is just what my pale lifeless skin tone needs!

Another Milani item I have to share...this lipstick is SO FREAKING GOOD!! It is the ideal texture: matte but not drying. It stays put and the pigmentation is insanely good. I love this shade-it has a nice red berry stain look to it. I'll definitely be trying other colors in this line!

I've recently focused more on eyebrow products and I LOVE the 2 products listed above! They make the best pair. I use the pencil in a dark blonde shade to define the shape and fill in the sparse areas and finish up with the Brow gel wand to help blend the color and tame any strays. I'm telling you right now, if you aren't using brow products, give these a try and watch your face instantly look more put together with such little effort.

I'm always on the hunt for the next best mascara. I love several of the Maybelline options, so when I saw this new mascara, I had to try it. I'll be honest and say that I do really like it, but not for everyday. The wand is rubbery and the mascara feels more like a gel so you have to apply quickly and carefully because it will go on thick. But for an evening out, one coat of this will be just what you need!

Last and certainly not least, I cannot live with this foundation from Maybelline. I don't know how much I believe it works with aging skin, but I can tell you that I use this every day for a quick and easy foundation. Also, I've bought this in a few shades darker to use for contouring. The foundation is lightweight and has the perfect amount of coverage that gives somewhat of an airbrushed look. You will love this, trust me!

Must Have Items For Your Spring Wardrobe

Every season, there are a few must have items that get snatched up so fast, you blink and they're gone. This ALWAYS happens with Old Navy. Mostly because the prices are hard to beat and for something trendy, that's just what I need. Now I'm no pyschic, but I have a pretty good feeling that the items listed above will fall into this category, so now's the time to buy if you like what you see.

Those booties are even more cute in person. I just tried those on this afternoon and if it weren't 20 degrees outside, I would have walked out with them on the spot (too bad I had to buy shoes that are meant for COLD weather because I was silly and wore wedges in this freezing cold and my feet needed something warm right then and there).  These will look amazing with jeans of any color and dresses too. They definitely don't look like a pair of shoes from Old Navy, lets just say that.

I should also mention that I have a new obsession with their boyfriend skinny jeans. I bought a pair a few weeks ago and it was like heaven slipping into those suckers. I guess it's my age showing but this girl doesnt want anything terribly tight and low waisted. Momma needs some room! I should also note that you'll want to go down a size because they can seem a bit baggy and droopy if you don't.

Curent Wishlist: Home Accessories

Happy Friday to each and every one of you!!! We had a fabulous time last night at The Fox Theater watching Wicked. This was my first time seeing it and I LOVED it. I don't know about you, but there's something about a Friday that makes my mind start running a million MPH with decorating ideas. When Chris first bought his house, he gave me complete decorating freedom if I agreed to let the guest room be his man room. That was the best compromise I ever made because I've had free reign to do whatever I want in the rest of the house.

 This is a cottage bungalow built in 1939 so to say its old with a little charm would be an understatement. I had to somewhat switch gears in decorating style because the "blogger chic" look doesn't feel right. We wanted it to feel like home and still have somewhat of a modern touch so we decided on a look that we call modern quirky traditional (quirky=the flamingo in the flower bed in the front yard). The first stop we made after the big furniture purchases was World Market. They always have great deals and give out coupons for future visits and we found SO many items there that fit perfectly with our aesthetic. Take a look at several of my current faves (photos link directly to that item online).

As seen through my phone

Happy Thursday, mingos! I've got quite a busy day today (ending with seeing Wicked at The Fox--eeek!!! so excited!!), so I'll keep today's post short and sweet. Take a peek into my boring world. As seen through my phone this week.
I don't go ANYWHERE without a nice selection of lip balms. These are my 2 favs!  The mint flavored Rosebud Salve in the tube is seriously my jam. Can't imagine one day without it. I recently bought this lip balm from Kiehls and I have to say it is pretty amazing. It has a consistency more similar to a mix of Vaseline and ointment. When my lips are chapped, this is exactly what they need!
Aren't these tulips the most gorgeous flowers you've seen? Want to know a little secret?? You can find these at a steal at Trader Joes for $4.99 for a bunch of 10. #PREACH
Confession: I pretty much wear the exact same outfit everyday. I'm sorry but why would I want to wear anything else when I can just live in these Lululemon leggings. I cannot recommend these enough. Worth every penny!
I'm planning on doing a post soon on my favorite items at Trader Joes, but to serve as a sneak peak, you have to try their chicken salad. It's sweet and has a nice crunch to it and is a total crowd pleaser.
And just to show the results I'm getting from my new Clarisonic, I took a selfie in the car a few days ago.  My skin looks like I just got a facial and this is wearing very light coverage makeup. Now if I could just get these forehead lines to disappear.
And last, but certainly not least, I love this card I got from Lara Casey's shop.  Such a good reminder to keep next to my computer. #PREACH

Winter Sales At Anthropologie

Ahhh mid February, the most depressing time of the year. Where its so consistently cold that I would like to be a bear and hibernate-wake me up in April, #kthanksbye. It's also that time of year when you're starting to get tired of your winter attire but the thought of spending money on a sweater makes you want just go back to sleep.  I feel ya!

This is also the time of year when the good deals start for winter clothes. I LOVE to keep an eye on the freshly cut items in Anthroplogie. Just a little FYI, you should pretty much never buy anything there full price (at least for clothes, accessories, etc).  They do such a good job marking the items down.

Take a peek at my current wishlist-all on sale for under $80!
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