Well hello there! I'm Rachel  and I'm so glad you dropped by this little corner of the web.

Pink Flamingo Style is my living breathing scrapbook of what has caught my eye and what inspires me. Born and raised in Alabama, I like to think I brought the traditional southern charm and values with me when I moved to Atlanta a few years ago and in return, Atlanta has taught me to step outside the box a little. It is a nice balance I've found. I am absolutely in love with all things beautiful-homes, jewelry, clothes, people, art and so much more.

What is Pink Flamingo Style? 
I started Pink Flamingo Style on a whim one cold Saturday morning. I've been a blogger since 2008, but I wanted to start fresh with a site that focused on what inspires me. My hope was to have a creative outlet for myself that would resonate with other readers. Pink Flamingo Style isn't about the unattainable luxuries you see featured frequently in other blogs. Pink Flamingo Style is all about providing readers with inspiration and resources to have the home and wardrobe that gets lots of compliments, all the while not breaking the bank.

To give you a better glimpse at who I am, I've listed out a few questions I always like to ask other people.

1. What inspires me?  
SO SO much! I think my eyes see things differently than most people. Its not rare at all to find myself taking photos of random items that later translate into decorating projects. I'm very visual, so seeing beautiful photos just revs up my imagination!

2. Describe a perfect Saturday.  
I'm fortunate enough to live out my ideal Saturday almost weekly. I wake up (no alarm) around 8:30 am and take my little dogs for a morning walk. I always make a cup of coffee and sip on it for several hours (several reheatings involved-I know, gross). With coffee in hand, I scour the blogs I love and also check the antique section of Craigslist-you never know if you could have a Saturday find there! Later in the morning, I do my weekly grocery shopping at the Farmers' Market. After that, I get my weekly manicure and sometimes go to my favorite stores looking for new wardrobe pieces. Later, I typically stop by a few of my favorite antique stores where I rarely walk out empty handed. The evenings are low key-sometimes curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and other times with friends at dinner. Its nothing extravagant, but it feels perfect to me.

3.  My Favorite Indulgences.
Gel manicures, luxurious bedding, fresh flowers throughout the house, Capri Blue candles, red wine, pajama sets, black cherries, antiques, Whole Foods' Banana Pudding gelato & Antico Pizza.

4. How would I define my personal Style?
Comfortable and accessorized. I love the trends, but I always find myself coming back to the basics and adding flair with jewelry. I wear a lot of stripes and black. My favorite store is Anthropologie-I love their one of a kind pieces.

5.The perfect 4 day weekend getaway.
That's easy-Charleston, SC! I'm absolutely in love with that charming city. I could get lost in it for hours and be the happiest girl.

6. Why Flamingos?
They are so magical, if you ask me.  Sassy & beautiful, what more could you want?  It all started with a dress that had flamingos on it and I've been obsessed ever since!

So glad you came by. I hope to make this a little spot that brings a laugh and smile every now and then.

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