Simple Skin Care Routine: Clarisonic

For Valentine's Day this year, I asked the Mr. to skip the candy and fancy dinner and instead, give me something I've had on my wish list for quite some time- The Clarisonic. I have good skin in the sense that I don't have breakouts too often and for the most part, it is even toned. But the truth is, time is starting to show on my face and one day I looked in the mirror and saw this dull skin in the mirror.  #thestruggleisreal

After reading a ridiculous amount of reviews on Nordstrom's site, I realized that now is the time to pull the trigger with the Clarisonic. I'm on day 4 and I have to say, I am very pleased. I over-used it the first time because I wasn't sure how long to use it. I woke up with some skin that was DESPERATE for hydration.  I'm still on the hunt for that intense moisturizer, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I thought I would share my tried and true skincare picks that seem to pair well with the Clarisonic. I can't say enough about Cetaphil's Daily Facial Cleanser.  It is gentle yet effective and best of all, I don't shed any tears when I purchase that sucker. This works great with the Clarisonic since it doesn't have any exfoliator to it (trust me, those bristles work so hard!!). My tried and true classic, Oil of Olay Complete  is a product I've used since middle school. This is the best everyday moisturizer in my book. Before the Clarisonic, I only applied this once after washing. Now I like to add a second layer on a few minutes later, mostly because my skin acts so thirsty now. I swear to you, using this Clarisonic is just like the difference between a regular and electric toothbrush. The difference in how clean your skin is left is just remarkable.

As I search for a more intense moisturizer, I will sparingly use this Lancome moisturizer. Let me just say right now this shiz aint cheap, yall. But it is REALLY good! And if you're still not sure about jumping on the Clarisonic train but want to start exfoliating, I truly love Dermatologica's Daily Exfoliant Powder. Use this after cleansing the skin and you will notice a difference for sure!

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