Must Have Items For Your Spring Wardrobe

Every season, there are a few must have items that get snatched up so fast, you blink and they're gone. This ALWAYS happens with Old Navy. Mostly because the prices are hard to beat and for something trendy, that's just what I need. Now I'm no pyschic, but I have a pretty good feeling that the items listed above will fall into this category, so now's the time to buy if you like what you see.

Those booties are even more cute in person. I just tried those on this afternoon and if it weren't 20 degrees outside, I would have walked out with them on the spot (too bad I had to buy shoes that are meant for COLD weather because I was silly and wore wedges in this freezing cold and my feet needed something warm right then and there).  These will look amazing with jeans of any color and dresses too. They definitely don't look like a pair of shoes from Old Navy, lets just say that.

I should also mention that I have a new obsession with their boyfriend skinny jeans. I bought a pair a few weeks ago and it was like heaven slipping into those suckers. I guess it's my age showing but this girl doesnt want anything terribly tight and low waisted. Momma needs some room! I should also note that you'll want to go down a size because they can seem a bit baggy and droopy if you don't.

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