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Happy Thursday!

I thought I would do a phone photo share today. Guys, I take a ridiculous amount of photos. So it was kinda fun narrowing down what to post today.

Shall we begin?

This top is seriously an obsession of mine. The fabric is crazy soft and cozy and it drapes just right. It's light enough to easily wear in spring in warmer temps, but I couldn't stand to let it sit unworn in my closet, so I wore this on a day I knew I would be inside all day. GO BUY THIS NOW!!!
Top * Wedges * Jeans
I work from home every now and then. I shot this picture while on a conference call. My living room is heaven in the morning. So much sunshine pouring in coupled with the yummy candle I always keep burning in my house...I swear it makes the coffee taste that much better.  And those flowers? Trader Joes, my friends. $6 well spent.
New breakfast obsession: grapefruit and avocado toast. I'll be honest, I'm still trying to learn to love grapefruit. It couples well with the avocado and I keep reading about how it boosts metabolism. I'm all about that!

Every time I walk into West Elm, I just get that feeling...MAN I wish I could buy everything in this store. Hits me like a ton of bricks every single time.  This visit, I fell in love with this lamp. I mean isn't amazing?

And I'm convinced I have to have this coffee table. CONVINCED.

I've been working on finishing this little corner for quite some time. All I need is the perfect mirror to hang on the wall. Easier said than done. Mirrors are expensive!!!! And finding the right one is quite the challenge!

And last but certainly not least, I love this little corner of my room.  I tried to not go over the top girly in this house but this is my one little space that I threw that rule out the window.

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