Drugstore Beauty Finds: Part Two

For Part Two of this week's Drug Store Finds, I'm sharing a few items that I am absolutely CRAZY about!  Yesterday we talked about makeup, but today is all about hair and skin.
Volumizing Mousse * Shampoo * Conditioner * Lotion * Face Wipes

I cannot explain how much I love this mousse. It has the best scent and isn't sticky at all and gives my hair the best volume. 

My hair is dry and needs all the love and TLC it can get. I love that this shampoo is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. The smell is yummy and it does a great job of making my hair squeaky clean without drying it out.

Stop what you are doing right now. Read this carefully. THIS is the holy grail of all perfect hair products. The bottle promises using this conditioner will give you that "good hair day" look. And yall-it aint lying. I  literally felt like a hair model on those commercials whose hair is constantly flipping around and looks super healthy and soft. It worked so well that Chris at dinner kept prompting me to flip the hair. When a man notices your hair...you hold onto the product that worked so well. Seriously, I am beyond in love with this conditioner. 

This is my favorite lotion from the drugstore. It is so moisturizing, smells so good and lasts all day!

I'm not always the best about washing my face before bed. I love these face wipes. They do a great job quickly removing makeup (even mascara) and leave my skin feeling fresh. 30 seconds max. These are amazing.

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