Curent Wishlist: Home Accessories

Happy Friday to each and every one of you!!! We had a fabulous time last night at The Fox Theater watching Wicked. This was my first time seeing it and I LOVED it. I don't know about you, but there's something about a Friday that makes my mind start running a million MPH with decorating ideas. When Chris first bought his house, he gave me complete decorating freedom if I agreed to let the guest room be his man room. That was the best compromise I ever made because I've had free reign to do whatever I want in the rest of the house.

 This is a cottage bungalow built in 1939 so to say its old with a little charm would be an understatement. I had to somewhat switch gears in decorating style because the "blogger chic" look doesn't feel right. We wanted it to feel like home and still have somewhat of a modern touch so we decided on a look that we call modern quirky traditional (quirky=the flamingo in the flower bed in the front yard). The first stop we made after the big furniture purchases was World Market. They always have great deals and give out coupons for future visits and we found SO many items there that fit perfectly with our aesthetic. Take a look at several of my current faves (photos link directly to that item online).


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