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Happy Friday!! I've had this post on the backburner for a while and keep kicking myself for not actually posting it. Over the past few weeks, I have found some game changer items that I have to share with you guys. My days of shopping every weekend are long gone, so I have to make careful choices on purchases these days. Here are 4 items that didn't break the bank and I love way too much!

For over a year, I've been looking for a pair of wedges that are versatile enough to wear to work and on the weekends. I just never found any I love until I found these Franco Sarto wedges.  They fit perfectly and they were comfortable the moment I put them on (no breaking in blisters with these guys). I cannot say enough about how great these are. I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. 

I've seen all the bloggers raving about this Bobeau Wrap Cardigan, and when I saw it was marked down at Nordstrom, I ordered it to see what all the hype is about. I ordered a black one and have this striped number on its way.  It is amazing! Seriously this is one of those items you need one of every color. It is so flattering and you can wear this with leggings without worrying about your rear end showing. Best part: the inside is the softest fleece material (think your softest sweatshirt). GO BUY THIS NOW while it's on sale!

I recently started wearing lipstick again. Mostly because my mom showed up with a bag full of lipsticks she bought and wore once. She does that a lot and the 3 girls in my family really reap the benefits of that. I try most of my new makeup and skincare finds from her "hand me downs." Anyway, I started to look for a good pink lipstick and found the PERFECT one made by Revlon. The color is Kissable Pink and it will look good on anyone. Do yourself a favor and go get you some! You will not regret it!

Chris recently bought us fitbits and I have to say they definitely are worth every penny. The two of us are super competitive and I have gone out of my way to beat his daily step count at times. I always thought I would hate it because it's a bulky bracelet, but take a look around and you'll notice a majority of people you see will have one on.  I never knew how sedentary I can get (especially at work) until I started monitoring my activity. The fitbit has really helped me understand where to make adjustments in my schedule. If you're only focused on increasing your daily activity, the Flex will be great. In hindsight, I wish we had spent the extra money to buy the Flex HR so that I could have a more accurate reading of activity. My main workout is spin class and its hard to calculate steps on a stationary bike. The Flex HR will calculate your heart rate on top of steps, that way you'll get a much more accurate reading.


  1. We are obsessed with our fitbits too! My whole office just about has them and the competition gets pretty heated. It's also pretty sad to realize just how sedentary I was before I started wearing it! Anddddd I guess I'm going to have to order that wrap. ;)

  2. I keep seeing these fitbits around and I think I might actually NEED one. Haha. Great wrap up, that lippie will never go out of style, Classic!

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