Easy Summer Makeup

easy summer makeup

Summer is always jam packed for me for some reason. These days I'm lucky if I've washed my hair more than twice a week. I just don't have time to put on a full face of makeup. And let's be honest...Georgia humidity won't allow it anyway.  I've really narrowed down the perfect combo for a quick face that looks healthy and glowing. People will compliment this look SO much, just trust me.

You'll need a really good concealer that has staying power. If you're like me, the circles under your eyes are just plain sad. I can honestly say there is no better concealer out there. Dermablend's Concealer covers EVERYTHING and stays on until you wash it off. Worth every penny!

I've found the trick to quick makeup that still looks like I put time into it is a simple contouring session. We're talking 30 seconds max. I LOVE this contouring duo by ELF. Grab it at target for like $3.  It is just the right amount of brown that make cheekbones pop (and minimize double chins if you were blessed with one like me).

AND the most impressive piece I have to tell you about is this blush/highlighter from Wet n Wild. I would be lying if I didnt tell you that I got it mostly because it says Fergie on the package. Well, Fergie is a wise woman if she had anything to do with this gem. It will give you the best summer time glow ... EVER. I layer this on after I've contoured with the dark color. This makes a great highlighter and blush and if you're really in a pinch like I always am, use it as an eyeshadow...swear to you...its a lifechanger!

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