Two Hair Products Every Girl Needs

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If you follow me on instagram, you'll already know that I was feeling daring a few days ago and told my stylist to cut off 7 inches of hair. It was traumatic, to say the least, but I'm so glad I did it.  As with any new hair style, it took a few tries before I could get my new 'do to look the way I want, so there is a lot of trial and error going on.  With that comes a new hunt for styling products. I picked these 2 gems up last weekend and I will swear by them moving forward.

The cult classic Batiste dry shampoo is the best I've tried so far and the $7 price tag is an added bonus. If you haven't tried it yet, prepare to blast your roots with this and you have just bought yourself a day without having to wash your hair. TRUE STORY.

I LOVE how this sea salt spray smells and the texture is perfect. I spray a light mist on this after styling and it gives that perfectly imperfect finish (if that makes any sense). I also plan on testing the natural look with this.

The great thing about these two products is that they will work for any type of hair regardless of length. Try them out and I promise you'll love them!

Scaling Back

gap spring


I've found myself really scaling back the past few months with what I wear. I've always had a simplistic approach to putting an outfit together, but now I'm finding myself attracted to much more muted items. I still love a punch of color here and there, but there is so much goodness in adding a few staples to the wardrobe that are simple and understated.  

There is NO better place to look for pieces like this and stick to a budget than one of my favorite stops-Gap.  Any given day, you can walk in there and stock up on items that pair well with other basics for when you're feeling like getting rid of the fluff. Because lets be honest, sometimes jeans and a t-shirt is just what the doctor ordered.

Add these to my wishlist

dying for

It should be noted that I am on a spending freeze. I know...#theworst. BUT when that freeze lifts, I really hope to jump on these 3 items.  

This purse is a steal at $33 and a nice throwback to the 90's. 

Loving this simple necklace. I would place this in my "wear everyday" pile.

And last but not least, I'm DYING to try this new foundation system. I've been on the hunt for a lightweight foundation that gives good coverage with a nice healthy glow. I've read raving reviews about this so I'll probably take the plunge very soon on to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this product.
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