No More Sloppy Schlumpadego For Me...

The dinner had been planned for months. I had ample time to buy an appropriate outfit. And I tried. But failed-miserably. I settled for a dress that I wore years ago and packed it in the suitcase, no problem.

Dinner was a 8pm at a very nice restaurant and there I sat at 6:45 pm on my hotel bed wearing a ponytail and the dress that didn't look as good as it did when I was 25. I sat there and didn't even think twice about spending the time it takes to get ready for this caliber of restaurant. In my mind, I thought "a quick run through with the curling iron and a fresh set of makeup and I'll be fine." 

And then it dawned on me. WHAT am I doing? Have I really gotten to the point in my life that I've hit the "I don't care" phase? And if so, when and how did this happen? 

I get frequent manicures, shop way too much and always do my hair and makeup, so I always thought I had my shiz together. But then I realized that my closet is full of the same thing. There is NO variety. I literally wear the same thing every day. And my hair and makeup? You better believe its the SAME look everyday.

Talk about a nice little slap of reality! So I came home from vacation on a mission: GET IT TOGETHER! 

No more sloppy schlumpadego for me. I made up my mind to spend the next two months focusing on bettering myself. This includes a STRICT 30 day clean eating challenge, a BIG closet cleanout/revamp and the determination to add more dresses to the wardrobe. Not the casual sundresses, no sir. Dresses that are reserved for special occasions. Because I don't ever want to be waiting on a fancy dinner looking sloppy ever again.

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