3 Things You Need To Know About

Sometimes you find things that you love so much you just HAVE to share. Today's that day, little 'mingos.

Major shout out to my friend, Katie, for opening my eyes to these gems. I've never been a big lipstick person. It always felt so "old lady" to me. Well, maybe I'm a sucker or maybe I'm an old lady, but I'm starting to really love the idea of a good lipstick. They last a lot longer between applications and if the wind blows, my hair doesn't get drenched in sparkly pink.  Anyway, I was told I HAD to try these new Art Sticks that Bobbi Brown makes.  I bought "Dusty Pink" and have worn it daily and received compliments each time.  What's so nice about these is the texture is smooth but lasts for most of the day. AND if you're in a pinch, you can use this is as a cream blush. That's a huge win for me...when I have to figure out a way to look presentable on a Friday afternoon and I have to do this in rush hour Atlanta traffic without my makeup bag.
Now this may be no surprise, but I love a product that takes all the work out of a blowout for me.  I bought this on a whim with my last haircut because I love my stylist and she swore I'll love it. Well, she wasn't lying. This oil puts Moroccan Oil to shame. Seriously, 5 drops and this tames my SUPER frizz ball joke of a 'do.  Talk about a major time saver here!

And last but certainly not least is a book I am SUPER pumped about. Since I'm back on the paleo train, I'm constantly searching for exciting and yummy Paleo friendly recipes. I have several friends that swear by this book. I've cooked several of her recipes and I have to say they are amazing, even if you aren't doing Paleo.  SO GOOD!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, mine is jam packed with a lot of fun things and some of my favorite people.

No More Sloppy Schlumpadego For Me...

The dinner had been planned for months. I had ample time to buy an appropriate outfit. And I tried. But failed-miserably. I settled for a dress that I wore years ago and packed it in the suitcase, no problem.

Dinner was a 8pm at a very nice restaurant and there I sat at 6:45 pm on my hotel bed wearing a ponytail and the dress that didn't look as good as it did when I was 25. I sat there and didn't even think twice about spending the time it takes to get ready for this caliber of restaurant. In my mind, I thought "a quick run through with the curling iron and a fresh set of makeup and I'll be fine." 

And then it dawned on me. WHAT am I doing? Have I really gotten to the point in my life that I've hit the "I don't care" phase? And if so, when and how did this happen? 

I get frequent manicures, shop way too much and always do my hair and makeup, so I always thought I had my shiz together. But then I realized that my closet is full of the same thing. There is NO variety. I literally wear the same thing every day. And my hair and makeup? You better believe its the SAME look everyday.

Talk about a nice little slap of reality! So I came home from vacation on a mission: GET IT TOGETHER! 

No more sloppy schlumpadego for me. I made up my mind to spend the next two months focusing on bettering myself. This includes a STRICT 30 day clean eating challenge, a BIG closet cleanout/revamp and the determination to add more dresses to the wardrobe. Not the casual sundresses, no sir. Dresses that are reserved for special occasions. Because I don't ever want to be waiting on a fancy dinner looking sloppy ever again.

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