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I'm the type of person that stresses out over the silliest things. Gift giving gives me gray hair. I will obsess for days over what to give someone. I will ask multiple people their opinion on what I'm considering giving and then I'll bit the bullet and buy the gift. I always am sick to my stomach as that person is opening their gift. Will they like it? Or will they pretend to like it?  Am I the only one that does this?

So you can imagine where my mind goes when it comes time to pick out an outfit for a special occasion.  So many things to consider like the weather and nature of occasion and the company and if my hair is going to need to be styled that day. It turns into a nightmare and I repeat the same behavior. My friends end up getting sick of me asking silly questions about one outfit and then I settle on something.

Well this Friday evening, I need to look presentable. And by that I mean good. The idea is an all black outfit with one heck of a statement necklace. Simple and perfect in my book.  So clearly, on yet ANOTHER snow day, I decided to start browsing Bauble Bar's selection. And boy did they not disappoint. 

I think that there are 2 categories of statement necklaces. The really sparkly rhinestoney (is that even a word??) necklaces and then there's the bright bold colorful necklaces. Both are big time winners in my book.

I want them all. Which one is your favorite?

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