I'm Back...And Here To Cure Your Mid Winter Blues

Oh heyyyyyyyyy! You thought I died, huh? I'll cut to the chase. I got bored and unmotivated with blogging. I felt like it was starting to turn into an obligation and in turn, I was pumping out a bunch of junk.


Aint nobody got time for that!

So I took a hiatus. I knew I would be back, just wasn't sure when it would be. And the truth is, I make no promises for how often I'll be on here. BUT I will give you my word that I will post content that I actually like and not post something just to have a daily post.

So without further adieu, I want to share what I'm obsessing over right now.

cure the mid winter blues

Winter blows. And when you live in Atlanta, you start going a bit crazy with the fluctuating temps. To put this in perspective, the city is completely shut down due to snow and ice but in 3 days, we're looking at 60 degrees heading our way.  I can't complain because it sure is nice to be able to wear a few spring items every now and then. BUT when the weather blows and its cold outside for days on end, I find it really helps to wear bright colors.

Last weekend, I loaded up on a few essentials including a few button up shirts for the spring and that lovely scarf you see above. Nautical is EVERYWHERE right now. And I'm completely okay with this!  I love Red and Blue together!

Oh and PS, do yourself a favor and load up on every skincare product made by Jack Black. I bought the hand healer and body lotion at Nordstrom. Don't let it scare you that this is technically a men's skincare line. It is to die for!!!


  1. Love that scarf!! I just painted my toes hot pink to attempt to cure my winter blues. Red is perfect year round, though! Glad you're back!

  2. Don't worry girl, at some point we all have to take a little break. I did last spring, and it lasted much longer than I expected. But I got back into it and it's much more fun! By the way, did you survive this crazy winter weather we've been experiencing this week? It's been cray!


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