Sparkly Holiday Wear

Sparkly Holiday Wear

 Mingos, we're getting close to the weekend, I can just feel it!  I'm sure you all have evenings filled with holiday parties and perhaps a Saturday devoted to shopping for gifts. That's what my Saturday will look like.  Malls are stressful and lets be honest, you know you're going to run into too many people you know, so the old yoga pants trick isn't going to cut it this time. DO NOT FRET, my little mingos. Because I'm here to tell you that you can be JUST as comfy with and look so chic at the same time.

Last weekend, I watched the SEC championship game (WAR EAGLE!!) with my best friend from college. Now, it should be stated that my friend Lisa has WAY better style than I could ever dream of. We met working together in a clothing boutique and she was leaps and bounds ahead of me when it comes to personal style. So anything she wears, I usually find myself buying shortly after seeing it.  This weekend, she was sporting the most ADORABLE skinny pants that I knew I had to buy. These are basically leggings with a tad bit more structure and details that give them that extra edge. And according to Lisa, they are beyond comfortable. These are absolutely on my wish list.

So for my weekend shopping outfit, I will throw a few pieces together that are comfy, sparkly and put together. I love several things about this outfit. I love positioning the super traditional/girly/sparkly cardigan next to the edgy biker chic skinny pants. I love the plum flats that would transition perfectly to a black cocktail dress and LOVE the gold jewels that go with it. And there you have it-your perfect saturday Christmas shopping outfit that you will look so put together in with pieces that can easily transition over to cocktail hour.

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