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Happy Friday to all of you!  We all know this is the time of year where we stay swamped on the weekends preparing for what is my favorite Holiday of the year.  It can be hard to use those precious hours for relaxing when your to do list is miles long, but might I suggest you relish that personal time in comfort? 

Decorating the tree? Wear pajamas. Baking goodies? Wear pajamas. Addressing holiday card envelopes? Wear pajamas. Having a glass of wine to decompress? Wear pajamas. 

Okay, so you get where I'm going with this (and I personally really LOVE that last suggestion...wine tastes much better when I'm comfy), but the truth is comfort is such a big part of the holiday season.  So why not take advantage of the cold temps and snuggle up with the ones you love (even if they're of the four legged sort like mine)?

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