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Happy Friday to all of you!  We all know this is the time of year where we stay swamped on the weekends preparing for what is my favorite Holiday of the year.  It can be hard to use those precious hours for relaxing when your to do list is miles long, but might I suggest you relish that personal time in comfort? 

Decorating the tree? Wear pajamas. Baking goodies? Wear pajamas. Addressing holiday card envelopes? Wear pajamas. Having a glass of wine to decompress? Wear pajamas. 

Okay, so you get where I'm going with this (and I personally really LOVE that last suggestion...wine tastes much better when I'm comfy), but the truth is comfort is such a big part of the holiday season.  So why not take advantage of the cold temps and snuggle up with the ones you love (even if they're of the four legged sort like mine)?

Sparkly Holiday Wear

Sparkly Holiday Wear

 Mingos, we're getting there...so close to the weekend, I can just feel it!  I'm sure you all have evenings filled with holiday parties and perhaps a Saturday devoted to shopping for gifts. That's what my Saturday will look like.  Malls are stressful and lets be honest, you know you're going to run into too many people you know, so the old yoga pants trick isn't going to cut it this time. DO NOT FRET, my little mingos. Because I'm here to tell you that you can be JUST as comfy with and look so chic at the same time.

Last weekend, I watched the SEC championship game (WAR EAGLE!!) with my best friend from college. Now, it should be stated that my friend Lisa has WAY better style than I could ever dream of. We met working together in a clothing boutique and she was leaps and bounds ahead of me when it comes to personal style. So anything she wears, I usually find myself buying shortly after seeing it.  This weekend, she was sporting the most ADORABLE skinny pants that I knew I had to buy. These are basically leggings with a tad bit more structure and details that give them that extra edge. And according to Lisa, they are beyond comfortable. These are absolutely on my wish list.

So for my weekend shopping outfit, I will throw a few pieces together that are comfy, sparkly and put together. I love several things about this outfit. I love positioning the super traditional/girly/sparkly cardigan next to the edgy biker chic skinny pants. I love the plum flats that would transition perfectly to a black cocktail dress and LOVE the gold jewels that go with it. And there you have it-your perfect saturday Christmas shopping outfit that you will look so put together in with pieces that can easily transition over to cocktail hour.

What I'm Loving Now: Simplicity At Its Best

what im loving now


I'm back, I'm back! And so ashamed of my absence. There are no excuses except for that little thing that gets in the way sometimes: LIFE.  It is a busy time of year for everyone, so I won't go on and on about that, HOWEVER, I have somehow stocked my schedule recently and forgotten to allow time to get in some blogging. 

I can just feel myself needing to scale back and streamline a few things simply by the outfits I've been wearing recently. Simplicity at its best is where my mind goes when looking in the closet in the morning. And I must make a confession: I've been sporting the Canadian Tuxedo quite a bit. Denim on denim doesn't have to be scary if you do it right. What this means is you simply need to reach for a few accessories. Keep your makeup simple and fresh and throw on a scarf and some sparkly jewels and you are all set. 

PS I REALLY hope Santa is able to find me the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette this year.  I've been told it is on back order due to popular demand and my mom is on a waiting list for it since she has 3 girls that LOVE a good eye shadow palette!

In other news, we have ANOTHER fabulous edition of Bloggers' Favorite Things over at The Smintzes today. Maggie is beyond hilarious and her gift ideas are simply amazing!  If you haven't registered for the giveaway bundle yet, go ahead and do it now. The gifts are to die for and the list just keeps on growing!

Bloggers' Favorite Things-Oysters & Pearls

Mingos, today is a good day. We have another issue of Bloggers' Favorite Things today over at my girl Natalie's blog, Oysters & Pearls.  You've heard me mention her before, but this chick is seriously going to dazzle you with her picks, trust me.  Be sure to hop over to see the next item added to the fabulous giveaway...I can assure you-if Natalie picked it, it is TO DIE FOR!!!

If you haven't registered for the giveaway yet, do it now. And remember, the more you share this news with your friends, the more chances you have at winning.

Skincare Favorites

Drugstore Skincare

Okay little mingos, buckle your seat belts. I had several requests from my Flawless Face Post to show what I use in terms of skincare, so today, we're going to discuss just that.  I've been a product hoarder for years, so I think it is safe to say that I've vetted out a lot of the good from the bad.

One thing that should be noted is that quality skincare can't ALL be purchased from a drugstore. While I love a good bargain and believe that beauty doesn't have to break the bank,  I also know that I have to live with my skin for forever and I want products to help it stay as healthy and youthful looking as possible.

So let's get started, shall we?


I was blessed with good skin in terms of not having acne issues, but trust me, I've had my fair share of red dry patches that make me look like I bathed in Retin A.  My goal for my face is for it to be as well hydrated as possible. Moisture keeps the wrinkles away, or so I hear. For me, moisturized skin really starts when it is freshly cleaned.  Every morning, I wash my face in the shower with HOT water using the Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub. I love how this gently exfoliates and has a refreshing minty feel to it. It definitely wakes me up!  Another option I like is the Neutrogena Oil Free Stress Control Face Wash.  If I feel a blemish coming, I use this and it really does the trick. As I mentioned earlier, there are  a few products I love that are more expensive, but I can assure you they are worth it. I LOVE the Bliss Face Wash. It smells SO GOOD and works so well!

I'll admit it, I am SO lazy at night time. The LAST thing I want to do is wash off my makeup. There have been many a night that I have gone to bed with makeup on. I know-it is terrible. I need to work on being more diligent with this. A trick I've found is to use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes. These are fabulous to do a clean sweep before bed and a little secret-the Target brand works just as well. Also, I am a FIRM believer in using Eye Makeup Remover. It is seriously the best way to have a refreshed look. Face wash isn't always going to cut it. I like Neutrogena's Eye Makeup Remover and LOVE the knock off version with the Target Brand. When I'm traveling, I always take Lancome's Makeup Remover with me because it works on both Eye Makeup and Face Makeup. Well worth the extra pennies, I assure you.


Now that you have washed your face, you need to prep it for the makeup you are about to apply.  My skin takes makeup best within 5 minutes of when it is freshly washed, so time is essential here. Right after washing/drying my face, I use Oil of Olay's Astringent  to make sure that I got rid of any leftover dirt or oil. I have extremely dry skin so it seems counter-intuitive to use this, but this is what I really believe makes the biggest difference. Using toner cleans out the pores so that they can soak up the anti-aging products and moisturizers you will use. I cannot imagine not using a toner now. AND on evenings that I need to touch up my makeup after work, I can swipe on some toner and save a good 5 minutes of the application process. All about the time saving here!


I started noticing wrinkles on my forehead in college and ever since, I have been PARANOID about the aging process. So before you read any further, you must know that this is an EXPENSIVE section. But, I promise you this is where you get the most bang for your buck.  I am a huge fan of Lancome's anti-aging products. They are pricey, but work so well. Their Eye Makeup cream is so gentle and moisturizing so I put this on immediately after the toner. I'm really careful to not get any anti-aging products near my eyes because that skin is so sensitive so this one is perfect. Next, I apply the tiniest dab of Lancome's Genefique Serum to my forehead. This is the area that is aging the most and I have to tell you that I can tell a HUGE difference after using this several weeks. The skin feels tighter and more toned. Again, pricey but SO worth it. And then I follow up with Lancome's High Resolution Night Cream. This is the most luxuriously moisturizing cream that makes my skin feel heavenly.  I know it is a night cream, but I wear it daily and love the result.


You guys-I have used Dove Soap for probably 15 years. I cannot stray from it. It is my favorite scent of all time and it is the most moisturizing soap out there.  I use Oil of Olay's Complete Daily Defense Lotion for my arms and legs that get sun exposure. I'm a freak about sunscreen, so using this lotion daily protects them. I used to use this for my face (as it is intended) and it works so well, but I am addicted to the Lancome Face Moisturizer now. If I'm traveling, it is nice to only have one product that does it all and this Oil of Olay Moisturizer is great for that. Also, using Burts Bees Baby Oil in the shower is FABULOUS for freshly shaved legs. You will love how your skin feels if you use this and it will give you that healthy glow that looks amazing with cocktail dresses! I use a combination of Neosporin and Vaseline on my cuticles and this really does the trick (always keep these two items in your purse, you will be surprised how often you use them when you have them). For my lips, I always have Smith's Rosebud Salve on hand as well as the EOS Lip Balm.

WHEWWW! We made it.  I would love to hear what your favorite skincare products are, so tell me- what can you not live without?

Anthropologie Must Haves

Anthropologie Must Haves

Ahhhhhhhh, so good to be back. I took an unplanned vacation from blog world last week to catch up on rest and family time. There was no Black Friday shopping for this girl.  I made zero purchases until yesterday, believe it or not.  My friend called saying that she needed to get out of the house so to the mall we went. We hit up Nordstrom for lunch (FABULOUS, by the way) and then made our way over to my little Heaven on Earth-Anthropologie.  With her baby in tow, we didn't browse the clothes as closely as we normally would and focused more on the home section. I fall in love with their home decor EVERY SINGLE TIME I go in there!

Since today is Cyber Monday, go ahead and cross a few gift items off your list (and perhaps throw in a few items for yourself). Anthropologie has no shipping fees today so avoid the crowds and LOAD UP!!
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