Weekend Project: Part One

Happy Monday to all of you. I hope you had enough time to squeeze in some cliche fall activities. Even if it was something simple like burning a pumpkin scented candle or driving around-sunroof open-music blasting-admiring the gorgeous fall leaves EVERYWHERE!!  I did all of that, because lets face it-this part of Fall only lasts so long.  

I spent the majority of the weekend doing quite a few projects around the place. I have to say, I'm rather happy with the results.  You may recall that I just haven't been able to quite get my living room to look exactly how I want as seen here and here. All the girl needed was a few things moved around and a face lift to the coffee table. After a ONE coat of paint, here she is in all her glory!

 Let's get a nice little before and after shot just so you can see a nice little comparison.  In case you are wondering, this is the coffee table in the fabulous Ikea Vittsjo line. The table is quite the steal at $49.99. It works perfect in small spaces and the metal takes paint very well, so your options are endless.
I was so nervous to paint it all gold. I was afraid it would be too much and quite honestly, afraid it would scream "I'm an Ikea hack gone bad."  I had multiple friends tell me-go for the gold. And that is exactly what I did.  The secret to making this work is the paint color 100%.  I used Rustoleum's Champagne Mist and I am so excited with how it turned out. What I LOVE about this paint is that it is a primer and paint in one. I painted her and let her dry overnight just in time to bring her in for early morning photos. There really isn't anything that beats morning sunlight.

I have really been working on getting rid of the cluttered look, so with this makeover, I decided to really clear out all the decorative items and only keep what I LOVE.  My Grandmomma gave me the aloe plant which she grew from trimmings from her mother's plant from probably 40 years ago. There was no getting rid of that! And the tic tac toe set needs a new paint job, but I kind of like it for its imperfections. Also, it is always a hit with guests, so it had to stay as well.
I allowed myself to keep a few magazines but forced myself to keep a small stack organized cleanly in this fun tray. Oh and that amazing bud vase? My SIL gave that to me as a birthday gift but you can find it at the loveliest little home store in Birmingham, AL called At Home. If you ever find yourself in the area, definitely stop in there-you will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned this week.  I outdid myself in the DIY department over the weekend, so I still have several projects coming your way!


  1. Absolutely love the gold on the coffee table!! It looks great and made a world of difference! Light & bright, your fave!
    Two thumbs enthusiastically up,

  2. What a difference a coat of paint can make! Great job, it looks wonderful.

  3. Gorgeous! Paint can make all the difference in the world and I love your tray:)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. Thank you ladies! I sure do love any project that involves spray paint! So glad you all like it :)


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