Monday Attire: Bright & Mixing Patterns

Monday Attire

I gladly welcome this Monday with welcome arms because I spent the weekend curled up on the sofa with a cold.  I can't complain, I watched Christmas movies in PJ's all day-who doesn't love that? After enough meds to knock out a grown man, I should be back to normal today (here's hoping).  

With chilly temps out, I can't help but want to stay bundled up but I know that if I do that too often this early on, I'll have the winter time blues within a month.  So today, I challenge you wear warm items that have pops of colors. AND if you are really feeling bold, go ahead and mix up the patterns. A little animal print with stripes never hurt anyone!

So tell me, how do you avoid the winter time outfit blues?

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  1. I love those animal print flats! I think that's a great way to combat the winter getting dressed blues-just wear really fun patterns and a few pops of color here and there. But I've been hesitating to bundle up too-it's cold enough to pull out the puffer coat but I haven't done it yet!


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