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Hostess Gifts from World Market
It seems to happen overnight-the Christmas tree lots. You have no idea how excited it makes me to see the first glimpses of Christmas in stores but there is just something about seeing trees on the lot that just fires me up.  It happened last weekend and I suddenly realized-The Holidays are officially here!  Regardless of when you think is the right time to put up decorations, the reality that the busy season is here-its the reality for everyone.  Mall parking lots are slammed, Starbucks is jamming at all hours and you blink and your mailbox is full of Holiday cards and invitations.

I was raised to know the importance of etiquette. My mother stands firm in her belief that one should ALWAYS RSVP when requested. She displays invitations and cards in her kitchen for all to see. I love the idea of staying true to old fashioned traditions.  It is something handed down from many generations and I wouldn't trade that for the world because I will always have a piece of my Mom and Grandmother and Grandmomma and the MANY that passed these rules down through the years.

So today, I've shared a few items that make fabulous hostess gifts for your holiday parties you attend. Everyone brings wine, flowers, candy, fruit, etc...go ahead and step outside the box and give a memorable gift.

What is the best hostess gift you've received?

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