6 Home Decor Books Everyone Needs

It probably comes as NO surprise that I love everything that goes into decorating a home. In my opinion, the tiny details are what transforms any house into a home. Everything has a story. Whether you debated for months on a paint color for a table and harassed kept asking your friends for opinions only to end up with something you LOVE or your grandmother gave you a painting that her mother made-THESE are the little details that tell a story. I very much subscribe to the notion that home is where the heart is. You'll see a lot of people play down these details and say "they're just things." But, dear 'mingos, I completely disagree. It is these details that make my heart do a little pitter patter. Because they come with so many memories that I hold dear. These details happen organically for me but I always love getting inspiration from home decor books. I'm no expert on this subject by any stretch, but I know what I like. Have a look at a few books that pull on my heartstrings.

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  1. Yes we need books for decoration every time and i have also some books on blankets


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