4 Adorable Winter Scarves For Every Budget

Bundle Up

Earlier this week, I traveled to Wisconsin for work and I have to say I was not prepared for the 20 degree weather I encountered.  I live in Atlanta, where we start getting cranky when the temperature drops below 55 degrees.  So clearly, I don't own a huge plethora of winter gear, but I do love a good winter scarf. I brought the The Cozy Animal Scarf with me and I can assure you that it stayed tied around my neck at all times because it is so thick and soft.  

With Christmas right around the corner, these adorable Gap Scarves make great gifts that your friends will use year after year. They're cute & warm and most importantly, affordable for any budget!

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  1. I was just noticing the other day that I really don't have much cold weather stuff because our winter is so darn short here. I think maybe I need to take a trip to Gap;)


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