Weekend Recap

Top of the morning to ya!  Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend. I sure did!

Let's have a peek into my world as of recently.

 I've really been focused on editing all the accessories scattered throughout the house. After a while, I have collected more than what I have room for and I realized it was starting to look cluttered. So I gave myself a rule while I went to each table, chair,etc: Take a least two items off. You would think that's an easy assignment, but I assure you it wasn't.  However, I'm glad I started the project. It really has opened my eyes to the beauty of simplicity.  AND I'm really starting to notice how I have a long way to go to streamline the place. We're getting there - slowly, but surely.
Saturday was Madison's birthday-cannot believe that little stinkly wink is NINE YEARS OLD!  Birthdays are a big deal for our dogs. My Grandmomma always remembers and sends a card in advance. That was such a nice surprise to check the mail and find that!
 After a friend really started lusting over the oversized grandpa sweaters, I couldn't help but get on board. This beauty is quite the affordable find at Target. Snag it before it is gone. Pair this with black leggings, simple tee and some cognac colored riding boots. You will be so glad you are almost wearing pajamas yet look incredibly put together!
 If you don't already know about this beauty secret, the ELF bronzer is seriously THE BEST light coverage bronzer out there! I love the four colors because it also works great for contouring. That is traveling made super easy. I use it over concealer and it gives the perfect glow for those days I don't feel like really doing too much in the makeup department. Best part-its only $3. Yes, THREE DOLLARS at Target! I buy this in bulk.
 I've been searching for a good red lipstick. They're so hard to find the right color, believe it or not! A friend suggested this Cover Girl shade (355) and I have to say it is gorgeous!

 Let's play a game called, "how hideous does Rachel look when she goes shopping/browsing on Saturday mornings."  Yall, I walked out of the house in yoga pants and a workout shirt with soaking wet hair and no makeup. AKA very scary! But that's the beauty of Saturdays. Who cares?  I popped into Anthropologie since my mom is really beating my door down for my Christmas list and found a few things I am in LOVE with. This Lace Sleeved Scoopneck is like your favorite T-shirt but with lace sleeves. THE perfect shirt for a vest, if you ask me!
 Oh yeh, and then there was that moment I had with the Emile Cardigan. Please don't hate me, Natalie. You should know that this is literally the most snuggly sweater you will ever find. Also, totally loving this great button down underneath. Sorry, I couldn't find a link for you, but it is so cute in person.
 Also, Anthro is KILLING it in the stationary department. How precious is this little weekly meal planning calendar?

 Since Saturday was rainy and chilly, I decided to call it a day on the sofa with my little delinquents and some new reading material. I saw the TV Special on Elizabeth Smart and she was so inspiring in her interview. Anyone that can go through everything that happened to her and still have a happy disposition, THAT is someone we can learn from.
 I spent Sunday afternoon with one of my besties at brunch and then a nice stroll down downtown Roswell. Clearly, a brunch calls for a fun outfit.  Still trying to figure out this booties with jeans concept. To cuff or not to cuff? That's the question.  LOVE these distressed jeans from Old Navy,  by the way. They are exactly what I was looking for. #Selfiesarealwaysembarassing
 As we were walking past all the gorgeous restaurants with tables on the sidewalk, we bumped into this ridiculously cute dog. He is HUGE and was the sweetest thing EVER!! Clearly we stopped to get hugs from the sweet boy!
 And then this happened. We stumbled upon a store that literally is setup like my dream home. Whitewashed paneled walls and ceilings.  Sleek modern furniture with a calm white/neutral palette. I didn't want to leave, honestly.
 I mean, am I right or am I right? A girl can dream!

And last, but certainly not least, we celebrated sweet Madison's birthday. She was spoiled with french fries and a new stuffed animal. Everyone meet the new addition to our household, The Possum. She hasn't left his side since she first laid eyes on it.


  1. Glad I could show you my bag lady ways. And so jealous you beat me to my sweater! Happy Birthday to Madison! :)


  2. Girl love your blog and LOVE your outfit you wore on Sunday!


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