Wardrobe Essential: Rain Boots

Let's have a little talk about the weather, shall we? Once Thanksgiving comes and go, weather in the south is a lot like this: 40-50 degrees, overcast at best and typically raining.  Yep, all that rain is how we have such gorgeous springs down here. But the truth is, the rain is something you really need to be equipped for.  I still to this day don't know how I made it through college without a rain coat. Rain was typically an excuse to NOT go to class-ahhh I see now.

One thing you really need during these wet months is a good pair of rain shoes. Now, everyone knows about the cult classic, Hunter Rain Boots. Two years ago, I tried them on but couldn't decide which size was a better fit. It seemed as though one size was too small and the next size up felt like it flopped around. Since then, I've been told this is the nature of a rain boot and that I will get used to it.  So this year, I really hope Santa brings me a pair like the ones below.

Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot$140
 I'm not 100% on the color choice, but I do love this coral! As long as they're tall and glossy, I'll be happy.

You should also know that there are plenty of other options if you want to take a detour from the Hunter route.

Burberry Rain Boots Rain Boots - Willesden Trench

Women's Novel Dot Rain Boot

Joules Women's Premium Rain Boot$167

Jules Heritage Print Rain Boot



  1. Hunter also makes a packable "tour" boot....they've been perfect here in the UK!! Check them out! And they make precious wellie socks to go with :)

  2. As a Hunter boot owner, I have to say you can never go wrong with a classic... BUT those Joules boots are TDF. Like, absolutely TDF. I'm dead.

  3. I need rainboots so badly! I'm just being stubborn on getting any, because I'm wishing I could get a combo rain/snowboot. So far no luck, so I might have to go for the classic Hunters!


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