Operation Living Room: Complete

You guys. I have been beyond SICK of my awkward living room. SICK OF IT.  I have bugged the absolute mess out of multiple friends with numerous emails and texts trying to somehow figure out how to make this space feel normal.  

Well, dear friends, those emails and text messages are a thing of the past. Because momma stumbled upon the deals of a lifetime that translated into a living room that I have literally sat in all afternoon with a big ole smile plastered on my face.

We went from this...

To this...
Excuse the crapola iPhone photos, this Tina needs to get her big girl camera fixed ASAP. So what did I find, you ask?
 This photo does this table absolutely NO justice. The base is a mixture of metal and wood, which I love, and the perfect white table top.  This space was beyond awkward, so I ended up purchasing what was originally intended to be a bistro table. I was able to talk the vendor down to selling this for $40. BOOM, that just happened!

And then I purchased one of my absolute favorite items ever. That antique architect's drafting cabinet. The second I laid eyes on that puppy, I knew I had to have it. I originally wanted something white or cream. The idea was to get rid of that all dark wood look I had going in this joint. But when I saw this, I just could not walk away. The wood is gorgeous and those pulls...you can't find stuff like that in stores today.  The seller was very ready to sell, so she sold this beauty to me for $35. Yep. You read that correctly. I brought her home and I couldn't be more pleased.
 Also bought this gorgeous cane back chair for my desk. Major score on this also.  Added bonus, it is ridiculously comfortable. I may just actually start using my desk now!

The antique store I found all these items from is packed to the brim with incredible finds. So much that I felt overwhelmed in about 2 minutes of being there. So many unbelievably gorgeous trinkets and the furniture...I can't even tell you how good it is.  Foaming at the mouth good!  I had to practice serious self control because I could have walked out with so many more items.
 This little jewelry stand was hard to say no to. White marble and tarnished silver. It would have been $12 well spent, but I really had to just say no.

And then this adorable bookshelf happened. Guys, if I had somewhere to put this, I would have gone hungry for a week to bring it home with me. True story. 

**If you live in the Atlanta area and want information on this shop, let me know. They don't have a website but you can follow them on facebook. Just search the page called "4th Time Around Antiques."

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  1. Yay!!! I was wondering if you'd already gotten a post up! :) Looks great!!


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