Fall Transitional Outfits

Depending on where you live, fall is in the air. Morning walks with the pupsters are cool enough to sport the Uggs and early evening drives home from the office are perfect for opening the sun roof and blasting some Mumford and Sons. Can I get an amen?

This is weather at it best, but before long, it will be just a bit cooler and not as easy to get dressed in the mornings.  Don't fret my friend. I have the PERFECT Recipe for a transitional fall outfit that will never fail. Are you ready for this? Ok, take note.
-loose blouse/tunic 
-large sweater
-thick leggings
-simple jewelry
-boots (tall or short-take your pick)

No, I didn't invent the wheel. I'm just gonna make it a bit easier to use.

Let's start with the blouse/tunic department. This is a crucial piece in this outfit.  If the length isn't right, it throws off the proportions.  Autumn is time to start dressing cozy. Aint NOBODY got time for skin tight tops when the plethora of soups and baked goods are at every corner of the world.  So when you're searching for blouses, you're going for lengths long enough to cover the tush. Don't go overboard...you don't want to look like that mom wearing a dress over leggings. Come on!

A few of my favorite options.


 Notice that for the most part, I opt for a neutral color palette. A semi-simple pattern like the polka dots is fine. Just keep in mind that you are a LAYERING queen. Different patterns stacked on top of each other look great, just don't overdo it.

NOW. Let's talk about sweaters. I love a good cardigan, but those belong with other outfit options.  Remember, you're going for a relaxed and comfortable look. When looking for sweaters, you want to keep your eyes peeled for the big oversized styles. Yep. I said that.  If you can imagine wrapping up tightly for a crisp fall night in the options you're looking at, you're on the right track.


 And last but certainly not least, THE most important item in any girl's cold weather wardrobe: THICK LEGGINGS. Yall, I swear, I wear these suckers like 85% of my life when it is cold out. Can't help it. Sister loves their simplicity and comfort (you really can't beat elastic waistbands).

Here's what to look for when shopping for these necessities.
-The length needs to be right at or below your ankle. You'll be glad when you want to wear them with short booties.
-Thick enough that under NO circumstances can anyone see through these. Ladies, we've all seen it. Don't repeat it.

I've heard that Gap's leggings are really good. I'll be trying those this year.
 Ahhhh yes, the classic J.Crew pixie pant. They are so so good. And you can usually find them in a variety of colors.
 I own these Loft leggings and I can honestly say they are worth every penny!

And yall, THE biggest miracle of all leggings miracles happened. SPANX is making leggings now. HELP ME RHONDA. You know these are going to be game changers.

And then for good measure, go ahead and get all "I'm a celebrity flying home from a vacay and I want to look casual and relaxed for the papparazzi" and layer in some simple jewelry, an oversized scarf and big sunnies (you know you're a blogger when you call sunglasses "sunnies").



  1. This is definitely a recipe for a great outfit. Thanks for the recommendation on the Loft leggings, I might have to try those out because it is tough to find leggings that are thick (and I'm so with you-NO to see through, cheap leggings!). I LOVE the two tunic tops you picked, especially the polka dotted one. That is going on my wishlist!

  2. I absolutely must have that polka dot blouse! Love this recipe for fall outfits! Great advice and suggestions.


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