5 Must Haves For Your Fall Wardrobe

You remember that episode of Sex And The City where Carrie waxes poetically about that very first hint of fall? It seems that we always get little teases around this time of year but they only stay for just a bit and then we're back in the upper 80's.  

Regardless, that crisp fall morning air always gets me pumped to pull out all things fall.  Boots get dusted off, long sleeve blouses are moved out from the bottomless pit of the back part of the closet and I have a nice little visit with all the items I haven't seen in a while (sometimes discovering items I didn't even know were mine).  

So this fall, I'm going to be more selective of items I add to the wardrobe. Take a look at what has made it to the top of my list.

 These Sweater Tights are such a good price, I want several colors.  These are perfect for layering. I'm imaging these with a chambray dress with an oversized sweater and scarf.
I typically add a few signature sweaters each year from Anthropologie and these would be a perfect choice, if you ask me.

Really love this necklace. I think it is long enough that you could also layer another necklace in there for an unexpected look.

This HAS to become mine asap!  Add this to the everyday staples and I think this Madewell bracelet will be worth every penny!

Let me say this. I am NOT a fan of Toms. I think they are so fugly. I said it. Yep. BUT I am a fan of these Suede wedges. I would wear these with skinny jeans and a longer shirt-about as boho as I'll get.

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