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I start every day with a cup of hot coffee and 30 minutes on the iPad perusing the blog world. I end the day doing the same (except with a glass of wine).  What that means is I see A LOT of really fabulous content out there on a daily basis. If you want to stay inspired, the blog world is the perfect place to do just that.

I've been meaning to share a few things that I thought are above and beyond the usual blog content you can find.

A blogger gets real

A friend and I joke that the blog world is all unicorns and glitter, but we're convinced that there is more to life than peonies and macaroons. It's true. We all have so much more to offer than your typical post written through Rose Colored Glasses. Which is exactly why I LOVED reading this post. Not because she is going through a rough time but because she is so honest. We've all been there. So link up, ladies. It's past time we "stop being polite and start being real."

How to care for Cast Iron

Shoutout to my girl, Natalie. This chick can cook like a grandma but has the wit and technical know how I could only dream of.  I LOVED her post of caring for Cast Iron. In the south, Cast Iron skillets are a staple of every home and I was so glad Natalie devoted a whole post to this.

Secret of a Stylist-Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is by far one of THE most talented interior designers out there. Her feature on The Everygirl was right up my alley. I am obsessed with constantly "styling" my place so I was drooling over this feature.

 You've most likely heard of this, but if you haven't, do yourself a favor and start a new addiction. This blog is intoxicating, regardless of your marital status.
Fourty Days of Dating

How to make one VERY fabulous Headboard

Isn't that the most gorgeous bed you've laid your eyes on in quite a while? If you're handy enough, you can make one for yourself.

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  1. Holla back!! And so over the unicorns and glitter... except when I'm not.. because let's be real, I still like to oogle all the fab things everybody else is doing in blog world. But really I'm just over here wearing no makeup and scrubbing skillets. :/ Love this post!


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