Weekend Updates and Instagram Favorites

I've spent the weekend doing a whole lot of nothing. Sometimes that's what we need. Some time to just catch up on sleep, stay in pajamas until 3pm and soak up the lazy hours that really do a body good.

I did, however, kick off the weekend with a bang with my favorite little boy in all the world! There's something magical about holding babies. They make even the worst of days brighter.  This little miracle baby is no exception. 

A few days ago, I picked up my mail and was greeted by a GORGEOUS fall catalog from Anthropologie. They really know how to get me. I was instantly in love with MULTIPLE items and could just feel my bank account starting to cry.
 Yesterday, I went to the bookstore and picked this book up. I've seen it several times and decided to grab it for the weekend. It has TONS of great reviews and I really like it so far. It is more of a memoir, which is interesting to me since I'm typically found reading  chick lit, self help/motivation books (yeh I admit it and NOT ashamed of it-everyone can better themselves), magazines or some type of diet/health related book.

We had a cold front blow in this weekend which forced me to realize my fall clothing options are rather slim these days.  It took some creativity but this is what I came up with. I really can't wait to put a big puffy vest on top of this shirt!

Several of you got random text messages today with me asking what I should do in this corner of my living room.  It is such an awkward space and I'm just not feeling it so far.  Ultimately, I'm thinking that I'll recover that chair in cream and get a nice ottoman to put next to it.  For the wall, I'll get rid of that side table and add in some bookshelves I've been eyeing for quite some time (a picture of what I'm thinking is at the bottom of this post).  I tried rearranging furniture but it was a total fail, so it is very possible that my vision won't work.  What would you do here?

We now interrupt this post to show you some of my recent favorite instagram posts.  This is 100% my campaign to get my sister in law on board the Instagram train. Everyone, please chime in and let's get her to sign up!!
 I am obsessed with this girl's hair. Am I right? It is just too good if you ask me.

This cocktail shaker is exactly what I need.  I'm adding this to my list of items to be on the lookout for. I'm thinking something that has a retro feel to it like the one above.

 Is this not the most gorgeous reception table you've ever seen. If the day ever comes that I get to plan one of these, you can bet that I'll have tables set up like this!
This just makes me crave a trip back to our house in the mountains.  Doesn't this look like the perfect Saturday?

And I'm sorry but these look too good, even if they are VERY off limits.  Maybe one day...

And this just stole my heart.  This marbled paper box project is absolutely on my to do list!!

The girly girl in me is just swooning over here. Where do I start? The Biscuit bedding with little Eiffel Towers, the INSANELY gorgeous upholstered headboard or the fact that she refers to this apartment as her "Lady Place."  Amen, Alaina! I can't help but secretly want this bedroom for myself.

Another shot of the "Lady Place."  I have really considered something like this for my living room window. What do you think?

This just sums up summertime in the south if you ask me.  My summer weekends as a child were spent at the lake where you could ALWAYS find our dog next to the water if she wasn't in it.

This just makes me want a girls' weekend desperately. That's a rarity these days with busy lives and lots of babies that need to be taken care of, but it looks perfect!

THIS kitchen. If it were shiny subway tile, I would probably have had a heartattack...that good!

 THIS is the living room of my dreams (at least for my place today).  I've copied several elements in here and always come back to this every time I need inspiration.
And Finally, these bookshelves. I think I have to have these!!  AND that Flamingo Print!!!

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  1. Where do I start? Dying over that shaker, and can hardly wait to put an outfit together like that! Puffy vests for the win. :) you need that flamingo print!


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