Outfits and House Updates

Staying true to Pink Flamingo Style, I am determined to find ways to amp up my fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. I have a lot of expenses headed my way after all (ahhhumm new car-never a fun expense).

 If you follow me on Instagram (you can click on the instagram icon to the right if you aren't following already), you've seen a lot of these pics already ... and good for you because you got a sneak peak in advance ;). Let's start by stating the obvious-Old Navy has REALLY stepped up their game as seen below. It appears that they're trying to lean more towards the J.Crew style, which I clearly can't complain about. Style at great prices-that's what I love!
Those printed lightweight sweaters are just too good. I think I'll aim to get the owl or the fox. I love the idea of pairing these with a button down-chambray or printed...doesn't matter, the world's your oyster!

The field Jacket paired with the floral pants...exactly how I would define my personal style. Clearly those pants are on my list!

And can we talk about the quilted vest and jacket options? I am so excited about these. I plan on stocking up and living in these winter long. Perhaps the vest will become my signature piece?

And then for loungewear, I am DYING for those knit Fair Isle leggings. DYING!

Now, onto some other photos seen around my place.

Lately, I've realized that there are numerous pieces in my closet that are meant for summer but somehow never were worn this year. I've been making an effort to get some wear out of these before it is too late. This time of year is a bit strange because it is FREEZING in the office but warm outside, so its all about layering. I also am trying to start transitioning from brights and whites into more of a fall look.

Yes, I buy shoes at Target! Why wouldn't I? My favorite leopard flats from Target lasted at least 3 years and I wore them until they ABSOLUTELY had to be replaced with the ones above.

And last but not least, a few shots around the house. 

This has easily become one of my favorite little corners...

And a gorgeous Pineapple Lily one of my best friends brought me as a sweet pick me up from recent happenings. I am in love with it (excuse the messy frig in the background).

Happy Tuesday guys!!

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