Monday Thoughts

Usually I say that Mondays are the worst.
Not today.
Why, you ask?
Well let me give you the 2 second recap of my wonderful weekend.

As I was mid route to my favorite antique shop (hoping to find a silver tray to make a pretty tea station for my kitchen), my car literally died on the freeway. We're talking won't drive, scared it was going to blow up. There I sat for hours in the hot sun waiting on someone to rescue me. A very nice gentleman stopped and stayed with me as I waited, simply out of the goodness of his heart. He completely restored my faith in people still having good hearts.  Later I discover that the engine has officially died. So here I sit today, carless. Lots of tears were shed on my part and my friends and family rallied around me and wrapped me in love and assured me that I'll find a way to get out of this awful mess. THANK YOU to all of you who did this, by the mean the world to me!

Fast forward to the next day when one of my best friends came to pick me up so I could go buy groceries. Her car dies on one of the main roads in Atlanta. The transmission died on us.  There I sat, AGAIN, stranded for hours in the hot sun just waiting. It feels like a horrible dream that I'm sure I'll wake up from any second now, but its not.

So I look forward to today. Because its Monday and there will be some form of normalcy I can wrap my head around, even if that means boring meetings.

To kick off what I hope to be a MUCH better week, let's have a look at a few pretties that do bring a smile to this tired girl's face.

I'm pretty sure that this will be my uniform for the fall. It looks perfect, doesn't it? Cuffed skinny jeans are my obsession right now.

Does anyone know where to find this little gem? I checked Anthropologie but didn't see it there. I'ld love one of these for my kitchen (ahummmm Santa, are you listening?).



Stacks and Stacks of Alex and Ani bangles. I have two and LOVE them! There are so many to choose from, so I highly suggest you start your collection today!

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  1. That sounds like a nightmare! :( I'm so sorry. Thank goodness for pretty distractions...?


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