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I started this blog earlier this year on a whim.  The idea of putting my ideas out there for the blogosphere was a bit intimidating considering the fact that I don't have any photoshop skills or a dreamworthy house &/or wardrobe that so many other girls post about.  But I did it anyway, with hopes that maybe I might reach a few other girls who like the same things as me. 

I secretly hoped that I would meet people through this little blog and I can't say enough about one of my favorite people I've met so far.  She's hilarious and has literally inspired me to quit being so lazy in the kitchen and get in there and experiment.  We were introduced through a mutual friend and I swear, sometimes I think we were cut from the same mold (aside from the fact that I can barely boil water).

 Everyone, meet Natalie from Oysters & Pearls. The domestic diva I could only dream of becoming, Natalie seems to have an natural ease in the kitchen, whipping up concoctions that will have your mouth watering while you read about them right there in your cubicle! This isn't just any food. Beware, she takes it to a whole new level-one that puts your Grandmother's food to shame! And what I love the most is how easy she makes it for the culinary challenged like myself. We're talking recipes with gorgeous photos for each step. It's like you have her right there with you showing you what to do, all the while, using her Southern Charm and keeping your wine glass FULL! Keep this chick on your radar-I have a feeling she's going to hit it big time very soon. Natalie, don't forget me when you become the next Martha!

Be sure to hop over to her site. You will become entranced immediately, I can promise you this.


Hi there! I’m beyond flattered that Rachel asked me to guest blog here on PFS.   She gave me a series of questions/prompts, and it’s really gotten me out of my recipe post rut!  

First off: my personal style, in an outfit.

I feel like I was really a late bloomer when it comes to personal style, fashion-wise.  However, perhaps out of sheer laziness, I have settled on a whole lot of basics, and what I wear is really only dictated by whether I’m at work or not, and whether it’s cold outside or not.  

The outfit above is essentially what I wear year-round, swapping boots for sandals in the summer, and shortening the sleeves and ditching the vest in winter.  And yeah, I swap the jeans for jorts a good bit – I did go to the University of Florida, after all.  ;)

Second: 3 items currently only my wishlist.  

Aside from everything in the picture above to add to my ever-growing arsenal of identical looking clothing, I have a few things I would snatch up if possible.  Warning: they’re mostly kitchen related. 

1) A Vitamix.  Those things are amazing.  I don’t see me coming home with one any time soon though. 
2) A Kitchenaide Professional Stand Mixer.  My mixing bowl runneth over.  Literally.  14-layer cakes take up a lot of room, y’all.  
And finally, 3): I would like to add some variety to my vest collection.  I know, crazy talk!  I haven’t even gotten so far as looking yet, but if I was a betting woman, I’d bet they will be coming from J.Crew.

Next up, Rachel asked me to describe my perfect Saturday

A perfect Saturday around these parts would probably be a Fall Saturday, which in Southwest Georgia (or SoWeGa, for those in the know) doesn’t arrive until October or November.  It would involve waking up, channeling my inner college freshman and yelling “GAMEDAY!!!” and starting drinking bloody mary’s at some ridiculously early hour.  We would have friends over to watch football all day, and have a kitchen-full of delicious food, a fire in our syrup kettle on the patio, and a cooler full of oysters at my disposal.  Can you tell I’m ready for the dog days of summer to be over already?

Fire: check. Oysters: check.  Dog in a fairisle sweater: check.

If I had a four-day weekend getaway, where would I go? 

Four days isn’t too long, but on an upcoming long weekend, Wheat and I are planning to go to the mountains of North Georgia!  I’m really excited!  I love the mountains, but haven’t been since I was on a family vacay.  We are staying at his aunt’s house, and I’ve heard tales of a wine bar in the town nearby.  It will only be September when we head up there, but I hope we catch some leaves changing!  Again, I’m excited about fall, the mountains, and red wine.  I can’t believe I’m saying all this as it’s 95 degrees here in Bainbridge, but I’ve caught the fever.

Finally, a trend I’m over and would like to see go away: mullet dresses.  

I seriously can’t handle them, and they are SO unflattering!  Even on the skinniest of the skinnies.  Even when your thighs don’t touch.  Always.

For example:

Side note: if this is a fashion blogger, styling an outfit with a Hugh Jass parrot really takes it to another level.

Evidence that mullet dresses are unflattering, even on really hot famous people.
It is my sincere hope that soon the fashion world will come to its senses and realize that mullet dresses hit everyone right at the largest part of their thigh, and thus create a very unflattering visual.  Can we just go back to evenly cut hemlines, please?

I believe I’ve made it to the very end of my prompts!  I’ve so enjoyed stepping out of my usual routine to pop up on Pink Flamingo Style.  If you like what you read (that is, if you made it this far), hope on over to my blog, Oysters & Pearls.  Thanks for having me, Rachel!

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  1. Love it! Thanks for inviting me over to play - it was fun!!

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