Delirious in the airport

Hi Folks.

Step right up and get a sight at this week's freak show.

I've been on a whirlwind tour of the lovely city of St. Louis, for work. So glamorous.

Nobody met me there like the movie claims, so rude.

As I sit in the terminal waiting on my flight that has been delayed for HOURS, I've gotten delirious and actuallypurchased the airport wifi.

Get ready, because this post is gonna be all over the place.

No, my hair is not blonde. My iphone's camera is really starting to suck recently. But the more important thing to note isn't that I'm taking shameless selfies of myself in the airport. The important thing to note would be the lady in the background...boldly stretching out and claiming about 6 seats as her personal bed. Is it just me or do people in the airport get weirder by the hour?  An advertisement announcement just came over the speaker for Delta's Skymiles program and literally out of nowhere, this middle aged man stands up and yells, "HELL YEH!!! Am I not the only one the thinks this is great!?!?" Ummmmm sir, sitchass down.

On my flight yesterday morning, I was able to watch the sunrise. I'll name that as the only perk to crack of dawn flights. I'll admit it-the sky was gorgeous. And yes, I was that girl taking pictures of the clouds. Its not like I had a choice...I was seated next to a sumo wrestler who was still very sleepy. Personal space meant nothing to this man. I like to think his name is Sancho.

 Yesterday, after spending HOURS on my feet at a trade show, I threw the towel in and sat down at a random bar. Again, yes, I was that girl.  I did discover a really good local beer that I pray I can find in Atlanta. Has anyone ever heard of the beer, 4Hands? It's on my list moving forward.

And now, we interrupt this ridiculously stupid post with actual content.  I've had my eyes on these for a few months, but never really had a need for them to justify the $165+shipping. That is, until this week. Hours of standing in heels yesterday forced me to 1. question how I used to do it in my college retail days for hours on end & 2. spend a good 15 minutes massaging neosporin and vaseline onto my blistered and raw soles. My skin was on fire and I knew that I had to have a better solution than this.

So I started digging around, and came back to what I've had my eyes on...enter Tieks.

These flats are designed to fold and fit in your purse-perfect for anyone who walks a lot to/from work and doesn't want to spend the trek in painful shoes. From the reviews I've read, they're comfortable the first time (aka no terrible 2 week long break in period).  I think these are very versatile and you can see on their website, they have this style in basically any color you would want.

I'm curious, does anyone have these? And if so, are they worth the $165?

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  1. I have Tieks, and I love them! No need to break them in, either!


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