13 Cookbooks You Need

Let's talk about a subject everyone loves: FOOD.

Where I'm from, food is the centerpiece of all social interaction. Whether a gathering is celebratory in nature or a time to wrap a family in love after something bad happens, Food is the absolute first thing that people think of. Family holidays are planned weeks in advance based off who is making which dish. And year after year, favorites reappear because Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without Dads' Famous dressing. Yes, Dressing, NOT stuffing. In Alabama where my family lives, that's what is served. 

I somehow did NOT inherit the cooking gene. It does not come naturally to me at all. There are many nights that I go to sleep hungry because I don't want to get in the kitchen and make a mess. That and the fact that the food I make leaves a lot to be desired.

When I set out on my Paleo adventure, my lazy ways were the first to go. Because there are no quick meal options when you're only eating fresh food. It requires planning and some work to eat within these parameters. So it is no surprise to me that after 2 months in, I've found myself looking at numerous cookbooks for recipes I can make. I can spend HOURS in the bookstore looking through these (anyone else??).  

So below, I've listed out a few favorites that I love to visit and will continually keep on my wishlist to add to my newly growing collection.
The Lee Brothers are icons in the foodie world. If you've ever been to Charleston, their fame is EVERYWHERE!!

Well it's Gwyneth. Need I say more? I've heard this is a good book if you're looking for healthy options.

THIS is a book I cannot wait to get my hands on. In the Paleo world, this is all the rage. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I don't know about you, but I think Southern food is the best. There's a lot of love put into each meal, so a book full of the best places to eat in the South...sounds AMAZING to me.

Yet Another book from the Lee Brothers. I clearly love Charleston, so you'll start to see a trend with these books I've picked.


If you've never had Mediterranean food, especially Israeli food, you are missing out. I've read through this book several times and it is unbelievable. Every page is mouth watering!





This is hands down my favorite cookbook ever. It is my go to housewarming gift and I swear that every recipe is the best thing you've ever tasted!


Outfits and House Updates

Staying true to Pink Flamingo Style, I am determined to find ways to amp up my fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. I have a lot of expenses headed my way after all (ahhhumm new car-never a fun expense).

 If you follow me on Instagram (you can click on the instagram icon to the right if you aren't following already), you've seen a lot of these pics already ... and good for you because you got a sneak peak in advance ;). Let's start by stating the obvious-Old Navy has REALLY stepped up their game as seen below. It appears that they're trying to lean more towards the J.Crew style, which I clearly can't complain about. Style at great prices-that's what I love!
Those printed lightweight sweaters are just too good. I think I'll aim to get the owl or the fox. I love the idea of pairing these with a button down-chambray or printed...doesn't matter, the world's your oyster!

The field Jacket paired with the floral pants...exactly how I would define my personal style. Clearly those pants are on my list!

And can we talk about the quilted vest and jacket options? I am so excited about these. I plan on stocking up and living in these winter long. Perhaps the vest will become my signature piece?

And then for loungewear, I am DYING for those knit Fair Isle leggings. DYING!

Now, onto some other photos seen around my place.

Lately, I've realized that there are numerous pieces in my closet that are meant for summer but somehow never were worn this year. I've been making an effort to get some wear out of these before it is too late. This time of year is a bit strange because it is FREEZING in the office but warm outside, so its all about layering. I also am trying to start transitioning from brights and whites into more of a fall look.

Yes, I buy shoes at Target! Why wouldn't I? My favorite leopard flats from Target lasted at least 3 years and I wore them until they ABSOLUTELY had to be replaced with the ones above.

And last but not least, a few shots around the house. 

This has easily become one of my favorite little corners...

And a gorgeous Pineapple Lily one of my best friends brought me as a sweet pick me up from recent happenings. I am in love with it (excuse the messy frig in the background).

Happy Tuesday guys!!

Monday Thoughts

Usually I say that Mondays are the worst.
Not today.
Why, you ask?
Well let me give you the 2 second recap of my wonderful weekend.

As I was mid route to my favorite antique shop (hoping to find a silver tray to make a pretty tea station for my kitchen), my car literally died on the freeway. We're talking won't drive, scared it was going to blow up. There I sat for hours in the hot sun waiting on someone to rescue me. A very nice gentleman stopped and stayed with me as I waited, simply out of the goodness of his heart. He completely restored my faith in people still having good hearts.  Later I discover that the engine has officially died. So here I sit today, carless. Lots of tears were shed on my part and my friends and family rallied around me and wrapped me in love and assured me that I'll find a way to get out of this awful mess. THANK YOU to all of you who did this, by the way...you mean the world to me!

Fast forward to the next day when one of my best friends came to pick me up so I could go buy groceries. Her car dies on one of the main roads in Atlanta. The transmission died on us.  There I sat, AGAIN, stranded for hours in the hot sun just waiting. It feels like a horrible dream that I'm sure I'll wake up from any second now, but its not.

So I look forward to today. Because its Monday and there will be some form of normalcy I can wrap my head around, even if that means boring meetings.

To kick off what I hope to be a MUCH better week, let's have a look at a few pretties that do bring a smile to this tired girl's face.

I'm pretty sure that this will be my uniform for the fall. It looks perfect, doesn't it? Cuffed skinny jeans are my obsession right now.

Does anyone know where to find this little gem? I checked Anthropologie but didn't see it there. I'ld love one of these for my kitchen (ahummmm Santa, are you listening?).



Stacks and Stacks of Alex and Ani bangles. I have two and LOVE them! There are so many to choose from, so I highly suggest you start your collection today!

Budget Friendly Gallery Wall Finds on Etsy

I have a large wall that I started a gallery project on about a year ago. It still needs some work, so I recently went to my go to source for pieces of art-Etsy.  I've found several budget friendly options that would really give the wall that collected look. With a pile of coordinating white frames waiting to be filled and hung, I need to make a few choices soon.  Which ones do you like?

Top 10 Children's Bedding Picks

There really is something to be said about luxurious linens. The ones that can instantly lull you into a deep sleep. And the little girl in me can't help but love the whimsical options that keep me nostalgic of that full size bed I grew up with. Today, I'm showing a few of my favorites that I've had my eye on. 

There has been quite some buzz about the new bedding options from Biscuit Home. I've seen them featured on numerous blogs, so I thought I would share which ones I crave.
Alaina Sheets

Amber Sheets Mint

Jenny Sheets Coral

Katie Sheets Chartreuse

Powell Sheets Grey

Another great place to score some fun bedding is the uber fabulous Land of Nod. Their bedding is designed for children, but that wouldn't stop me from proudly displaying these on my bed.
Dot Sheet Set (Gold)

Extended Stay Flat Sheet (Pink)

Grey Diamond Sheet Set

Scalloped Sheet Set (Grey)

Petit Ch√Ęteau Flat Sheet

So tell me, which is your favorite?

Found on my iPhone

Have any of you guys seen those commercials with the camel walking around {very sassily, might I add} in an office full of boring people and he's making jokes about it being Hump Day? I want to make something like that happen one day. Mostly because in the corporate world, it can get SO BORING at times. People get curled up in their cubes and buried in their computers. All they need is a pick me up...a camel walking through the office yelling, "Happy Hump Day!" Yep. That's where my head goes.

In keeping with the theme of sheer randomness, I want to share a few photos I've saved to my phone recently. One thing I should share is that I live in Instagram. It is literally my favorite form of social media. Where else can you constantly get a stream of inspiration instantly?

via juliahengel {Instagram Account}
 I'm a total sucker for a well organized closet. Uniform hangers just take it over the top. They're the cherry on top of the sundae {ohhhh an ice cream sunday sounds amazing}! I love how this boutique she shared a picture of looks like you just stepped into someone's fabulous closet.

via biscuithome {Instagram Account}
Note to self: must make something like this happen one day.  The high gloss finish is the best part. To me, if you're going to paint a big piece of furniture in a color this bright, you better go big or go home. This is exactly how to do that!
Unfortunately, I didn't save the source of this photo {don't hate me}, but I love the look this chick is pulling here. There's something to be said about a pair of comfy jeans with holes in the knees, paired with a plain t-shirt and statement necklace. And the nerdy glasses. Can we talk about those? They are too good! The oversized tortoise shell. I want/need/have to get some! And then there is the hair...can I get an AMEN!!

via beigeandburlap {Instagram Account}
 Now, you've most likely seen this photo floating around Pinterest and other blogs, but I always fall for this the moment I lay eyes on it. The fabric is Caitlin Wilson. Click on that link-she is incredibly inspiring and her blog is eye candy on speed!

via thefashionablybroke {Instagram Account}

 I'm not sure of the original source of this photo, but I spied it on the Instagram account listed above. Recently, my sister in law told me she's going to re-do her kitchen and was trying to decide what kind of tile to use. Clearly, I immediately started thinking about my dream kitchen. Well friends, you're looking at it. The subway tile, the white marble counters, touches of color here and there. Yep, this is exactly the one!
via peoniesandbrass {Instagram Account}
 From the looks of those floors, I'd bet a bunch of money that this rustic/nautical mirror was spotted at a HomeGoods.  I love this mirror! Just goes to show how a little detail like added rope can take a boring old mirror and jazz it up to be a definite conversation piece.

via beigeandburlap {Instagram Account}
 DYING DYING DYING!!! I cannot think of anything else to say here that would do this photo any justice. Ok, I'll try. How do I make this mine? How??
via glitterguide {Instagram Account}
 Did any of you catch yesterday's house tour of the NYC apartment of blogger, Design Darling's Mackenzie Horan? It is so cute! Do yourself a favor and stop by if you haven't done so already.

via highfash4less {Instagram Account}
 Since I started working at my new job, I've really gotten into hot tea. My company keeps the break rooms stocked with an amazing selection of Starbucks coffee drink options and Tazo teas. I have about 3 cups a day. True story. When I saw this photo on Instagram, I realized I need to have a little tea tray like this at home. That way I can just make my hot tea addiction even worse.

I posted this on my Instagram account the second I saw it in the grocery store. Has anyone tried this stuff? I can imagine this paired with goat cheese ... I've got my eye on that Fig flavor. I'm sure its VERY high in calories and knowing me, I would sit there with a spoon and eat it right out of the package.

And last but not least, I also just took the plunge and bought these suckers. I've seen them everywhere, so I threw caution to the wind and bought a six pack. I'm hoping they are good. It only seems appropriate to drink them with a pink/white striped straw. I mean-I do have to stay blogger chic, right?
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