What I'm loving right now

Happy Friday, pumpkins! 

Was it that terrible? Regardless, we made it to that golden hour.

So in honor of that, have a peek at a few things I'm crushing on right now.

The July playlist is out from note to self. You can find a link to her blog on the right side bar here at PFS. Check out the tunes. They're really good!!

Everyone loves how luxurious Uggs are for their feet in the winter. But what about when it's hot out? Good lord these shoes are too good!!

Anything and everything Emily Henderson. Am I right or am I right? 


This DIY mousepad. Not sure how to make it but its all over Pinterest and I want it!

This art...insanely good!! I don't know who the artist is but I am really into their wok!

Have a fabulous weekend.

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