Wednesday wish list

Can we just start by saying that I cold only dream of being this gorgeous, much less a day after having a baby?? 
I don't know about you, but I've been anxiously waiting on Royal baby watch. I literally woke up every morning and checked my celebrity news sites just to be sure I didn't miss the big news. This was routine for several weeks! I can't seem the peel myself away from all the media surrounding this little family.

Also, I found this picture recently and asked myself, what percentage of women have three inches between their thighs? I would kill for a figure like this! And the outfit too.

I have a new obsession. This precious bucket is too good! It's from the container store and under $25, I believe. This would make a fabulous addition to any laundry room or a great gift filled with goodies. 

It may be summer (although we beg to differ here in Atlanta- it's been rainy and never over 90 all season), but my house is always kept cool. Why? Because I love nothing more than snuggling on the sofa with my pups under a big soft blanket and relaxing with a good show or movie. The moment I laid eyes on this blanket, I had to have it. Either I need to learn to knit, or I have a research project on my hand to track this sucker down.

But still, summer is here. And that means an over abundance of fresh fruits and veggies that are so yummy. Watermelon is ranked highly in my book. My mom loves it so much, she probably could have been convinced to trade a child for several of these guys.

This just makes me want to entertain and have an impromptu dinner party. Who wants to join me?

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