Saturday happenings

Saturdays are my favorite! The one day of the week that I set out with a basic agenda and always find myself going somewhere new.

Yesterday started with my weekly grocery trip to the Dekalb market. I loaded up last week so I came home with a few less bags, but what was inside them is incredible.   
These strawberries are too good!! I consider them a dessert these days.

I always grab a bouquet of fresh flowers. There's just something to be said for little arrangements sprinkled throughout a house. It's a vice I'm not giving up.

Also went a bit overboard in the wine section. I've tasked myself with the goal of learning to like red wine. I know NOTHING about wine and honestly, I rarely drink it. So this is quite the task. What started off as a hunt for an interesting looking Pinot noir turned a cart full of mostly white wine. I blame their wine section. It just sucks you in and suddenly you are buying enough for a small party.

There's also been a lot of this happening this weekend. Hudson thinks he s a baby. He insists on being held and all attention must go to him. Otherwise, he starts scratching my face. It's rather annoying, to say the least, but I did get that lap dog I always wanted!!

Speaking of dogs, look what I stumbled upon.  i've wanted one of these for a while but really couldn't muster up the courage to fork over the big bucks. Typically, they are not cheap, especially in the expensive antique shops. After an hour of sitting in traffic, taking an alternate route, stumbling upon the  cutest little suburb of Atlanta that I am dying to go to, I finally arrived at my favorite antique shop. I went in with the goal of finding the fancy decanters and was pleasantly surprised at what all I found.  When I came across this little dog, I hesitated for about 2 minutes then went back and scooped him up.

The other items that came home with me. These silver goblets were ridiculously cheap. All they need is a good polish. And the decanters? I'm in love.

They all have really spiced up the bar area.

I would say it was a great day.

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