Sappy but necessary

Lets get real here for just a moment. You know those friends that you call immediately when something bad happens and all you want to do is cry it out? They sit there and listen and insist you meet for brunch the next day or demand you get out of your house and come over to talk at 9pm? Those are the ones you hold onto. You fight for those friendships because they are raw and quite frankly, they're rare. Well that was me yesterday. I sounded the SOS (for something that really didn't merit the dramatic effect), but I did it anyway. And the troops rallied and wrapped me in love and insisted that I not sell myself short.
One friend insisted that all my fears are just that and assured me that I won't end up with 16 hairless cats and a collection of afghans (is that how you spell it?). And if I do, who cares, because I'm going to style those afghans like nobody's styled them before. There won't be any Mrs. Havershham for this girl because she has too much to do to just sit around and wallow in the past.

Another friend took me and her mini-horse (dog) for a car ride while she waited on her pizza to be ready.

He chased motorcycles in his head and she demanded we only talk about me (something I'm not good at doing). She stood in my corner and fought for me and said "you are much too amazing to think this of yourself." 
We came back home to the rule that this convo isn't over and I got baby holding rights only if I agreed to that. So there we sat at the kitchen table with baby boy's 10 pm feeding and she poured it all out. She opened my eyes to the puzzle pieces I had overlooked. She gave me the recipe for how to get on track... all in a peplum top, skinny jeans and heels. 

I can't help but be grateful for these two friends, each so different but both pouring out love on me when I needed it. We all have these friends. It's hard to link up schedules with our hectic lives, but you better believe, they'll invite you into their routine in a heartbeat when you need it.

In other news, I found a new to me magazine. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this already, but from what I saw while flipping though it, imagine a magazine created by the same folks at Garden and Gun. Except this one is all about truly southern food. Not just 2456 casserole recipes, but the heritage of making pickles and picking muscadines from your gradparents' back yard. That's what I'm talking about!


And on a final note, I think I have to have these bookends. Your thoughts?


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  1. Yes to bookends! And you already know what I think about the mag. Cheer up, buttercup! There's more to life than pink peonies and 3-inch thigh gaps. ;)


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