If you've been around me for more than twenty minutes, you know how much I love food! That makes me sound like such the fatty, but its true. I really appreciate a tasty meal. The problem is that I can't cook to save my life. This translates into a protein shake for breakfast, eating out lunch every day and a nice bowl of cereal for dinner. It's not like I'm scarfing down chili cheese fries daily, but its not like I'm really packing in the nutrition either. 

I've read a lot about paleo recently and thought it was a bunch of silliness initially. No grains, dairy, beans? Aha no! But then I started reading success stories from multiple people who not only shed a few pounds, but noticed how much better they felt! No more achy tummies, low energy days....this claim alone got my attention! The truth is I have issues with regulating blood sugar. It tends to get out of control in waves and I'm exhausted trying to get it back to a normal level. As soon as I read how this diet helps to even out blood sugar, I knew it was time to take the plunge. 

So I bought this guy and have really been doing my research. If I'm going to make a major lifestyle change, I need to truly believe in it.
 Surprisingly, there are a lot of budget conscious optionsat your local grocery. But the main things I'm aiming for are:
Minimal dairy
Lots of organic fruits and veggies
NO grains of any sort
Grass fed organic meats
Yummy minty tea to help fight the sweet tooth cravings
Lots of color in the diet
So the first step is a 30 day paleo cleanse. Basically...cold turkey no processed foods! After the first 30 days, I should feel the effects of cleaner eating and never want to go back. 

The challenge is re-learning what to eat, what to buy and planning ahead. Looking at food as not only something I enjoy, but also as an investment in my health.

Homemade berry protein shake pops...amazing!! So easy and so delicious!!
And then I bought this!!! I flipped through it all tonight and even if you don't get on board the paleo train, you will love every recipe in here!!

So wish me luck as I start this little adventure!!

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