Monday therapy

We all acknowledge that Mondays are the worst. It was especially painful to hear my alarm this morning. Waking up from a weekend Downton Abbey marathon is exhausting, I tell you. I've almost completed season three, so don't tell me happens. I hear it is rather dramatic.

I don't know about you, but I tend to get rejuvenated quicker after perusing the blogs for about twenty minutes in the morning. What helps the most is pictures of gorgeous spaces. They start turning the wheels in my head and sometimes I have decorating epiphanies of a new project, all right there on my sofa with coffee in hand. Is that weird?

I'll leave you with a few of the spaces I'm loving right now.

Loving the idea of terrariums. Minus the fact the my apartment gets very little light, I think this would be a fabulous addition!! And PS, that perfect frame can be found at Target. 

This is a perfect example of why everyone should frequent little antique or thrift shops. The little quirky items found there sometimes make no sense at the time of purchase. Eventually, they find the perfect home. Would you just look at that lamp?

Just heavenly. And that orchid...I'm dying right now. If only I could keep mine looking like this.

Drooling over here. Absolutely salivating! Could this bathroom vanity be any better?

I always love a good ikea hack. This one just goes to show the power of gold spray paint.

That tortoise shell ice bucket...I'm gonna need that! I also like how this was most likely an old side table. Repurposing furniture keeps things interesting and prevents the "we went to Havertys and loaded up" look.There's history in this piece and it adds to that house's story. I'm really feeling that these days!!

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