Monday musings

Top of the morning to ya. It's always painful to hear the Monday morning alarm.

 Can I get an amen?

Lets take it easy on today's post because I'm sure we all have several fires to put out before we return home this evening.

Love this. Unconditional love. It's quite hard to find these days, but when you do, hold onto it and fight for it every single day!
I recently found the best red lip stain (more on that soon). It makes the dull days so much brighter in my world. I like what this girl has lips and nails and everything else is so simple. I think we can all get on board that train!
Is it just me or do you all agree that gold flatware is just the ultimate luxury? I know West Elm has a set like this and I'm really considering taking the plunge. 
Someone please invent a magic potion so that my hair looks just like this.
And just when things are terrible, Mondays usually are, dream of this. I know I dream of margaritas quite frequently. I might just break the rules and have one soon.

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  1. Why do you want so many of the same things I do? I've been lusting over that gold flatware set for quite some time now. Unfortunately, bills and other mundane expenses have maintained priority, but you just reminded me of how badly I want them! Also, the West Elm Hummingbird pillow you posted about last week is happily sitting upon my bed now, so thanks for that!



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