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You know that feeling when you're putting the finishing touches on a room and it just doesn't feel right? That's where I am with my living room.  I'm really into the clean color palette I've got going right now. The chair and ottoman will either be recovered in a soft cream fabric or replaced for something a bit more lounge worthy. 

The other issue is the space on each side of the sofa. The tables just aren't cutting it for several reasons. 
1. I'm not crazy over the matching side table set look these days. I want some asymmetry to make it look more lived in. 
2. I hate the dark wood. The only sunlight is that large window so it can get dark in there really quickly with the dark wood floors, dark cabinetry adjacent, etc. I'm keeping the sofa for a while so any new furniture coming in needs to be in the lighter hue family. 
3. The space I am showing here just feels off. The table isn't big enough to make it feel right. This photo can be deceiving if you're not careful, but that area between the sofa and the window is HUGE. 

                                    {Please excuse the extremely grainy iPhone picture...I'm the worst I know}

So I've been tossing around several ideas but didn't really feel 100% on any of them and then I stumbled across this picture from a new favorite blog, Avenue Living, and I knew instantly this is the solution!

This was actually a post on Style Me Pretty Living where they took this one cabinet and styled it two completely different ways. Believe it or not, this beauty came from one of my favorite stomping grounds, Ikea. 

I know...I was shocked as well. 


The problem: it's not available in the US. I'm really hoping this wont be the case in the next few weeks because I'm dying for it now! 

I know it would be perfect for that space. I've been dreaming of a bookcase to house all my books and odds and ends I've collected through the years. This would be absolutely heaven for that.

So help me out here. Has anyone seen anything like this that's available in the states and decently priced?

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