Friday golden hour

It's that time again, the Friday golden hour. I can feel it! And it smells like bacon cooking in the oven {there's a BLT and avocado salad in my very near future}.

So let's kick off the weekend with a few pictures that just rev me up!!

I mean.....

I want/need/HAVE to have this painting. At least something like it. The colors, the abstract beach scene...oh I'm dying!!

What I would classify as my go to Saturday uniform.

I miss seeing these everywhere. Peony season is so short lived, but I sure do love them year round.
Feeling this bar setup from The Hunted Interior. Link on the sidebar!!

PREEEEEEEEEACH!!!! PS I'm STILL trying to find somewhere to get pillows like these. Your average monogrammed doesn't do monograms this big. Please help!!

The perfect head of brunette hair.
This is another photo from Devon Rachel's home tour. If you follow me closely enough, you know I have that floral pillow. One of my favorite Homegoods purchases of all time!!

And finally, I have never seen a bed I ant to dive into more than this. I WILL make this happen for myself very very soon!!

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