A few randoms

It seems as though my blog posts are getting more random each day. That's no surprise to me, my mind is so unpredictable! 
I love the idea of his table mat. Especially for random Tuesday dinners and not just Thanksgiving. Focusing on what I'm thankful for really does give my life a much brighter imposition.


The just about sums up my idea of summer. Clothing that's loose and casual, delicate gold jewelry lathered for an added touch, relaxed and simple hair. 

This is such an easy yet chic bud vase. Added bonus: enjoy the jam first (unless you are paleo, in which case you may be out of luck).
Lusting over all these jewels. I especially would like these for a casual chambray and shorts kind of day.
The idea of getting lost in streets like this just really gets me going. Am I right or am I right?

And finally, my fall cravings are starting to kick in. The sight of this outfit was the official kickoff of my fall countdown.

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