6 Cheery Pics

By th time the weekend gets here, I'm usually exhausted.  This week is no exception. I do like the promise of two days spent leisurely on my near horizon. In effort to jump start the weekend, I've brought you guys a few bright cheery photos that ought to help you welcome in the weekend with a big ole smile.
I need those barstools. The hunt for something similar yet affordable will begin very soon!

Yes yes and more yes! If this doesn't scream, SUMMER, I don't know what does.

The use of neutrals and bold prints here really make me want to do something similar in my place.

If this is what I came home to every day, I would die a happy person.

Everyone loves the funfetti cake. I can't have it but I may just look for a paleo alternative this weekend.

Pull out your mason jars and fancy straws and invite some friends over for sunset drinks. Sounds like a good Saturday evening to me!

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  1. Love those bar stools! We purchased ours at Overstock and love them! I would, of course, prefer Pauchards, rather than the knock off from the O... but such is life with a champagne taste on a beer budget.




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