Wednesday ramblings

I remember how much I HATED school. I've always thought this was mostly to blame on sheer immaturity.  I've caught myself saying that I secretly dream of going back to school (clearly if I could only do school and not work as well...duh!! I don't know how people do it otherwise). This statement is usually followed by a, " I appreciate learning so much more now." And while that is all way too true, I've recently discovered that the back to school idea is probably a terrible idea when it comes to retaining my sanity. 

The training program with my new job has been affectionately referred to as "drinking from a water hose." and good lord, that is accurate. It's honestly a miracle I can form sentences at this point. I was forewarned of this by a friend, but I don't even think this could have prepared me for the level of pain my head is in. Information overload...the worst.

So enough of my whining. I have a few little lovelies for you guys to help wrap the day in a more serene manner.
I am absolutely dying for a clam bowl like this. I know that z gallerie has a silver one, but I really want the oversized white version. Any suggestions as to where I could find one???
So clearly I'm into white right now. I can't help but love how it makes everything feel so crisp and clean.
Happy Wednesday guys. We're over halfway there !!

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