The 8pm Friday moment

Is there anything better than that stretch of time you find yourself lounging on the sofa on a Friday evening?? It's 8pm and you've already got pjs on. The week was long and exhausting and now you have the promise of two glorious days to spend however you choose. 

Feel like cashing in around 9:30 pm? Go for it! Got a wild idea to scour farmers markets in search of the freshest tomatoes you can get your hands on? I agree, that sounds fabulous!!

It doesn't matter what's on the agenda, you know one thing is not...and that's work. So soak it up. Drink in that 8pm Friday goodness. It lasts so briefly, so when it greets you, welcome it in with open arms!

So what do I plan on doing this weekend??
Saturday morning spent in pajamas drinking coffee on my porch and soaking up that amazing morning sun.

Stepping up my game and test out of culinary skills by perhaps making smoothie Popsicles. And just an FYI, I make a MEAN smoothie these days!!

Maybe a project here and there. There's just that calm that can only come when the brush hits the canvas.

And finally, really dialing in to what I want to focus on. Prioritizing life goals really do make the blah moments more enjoyable.

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