Surprisingly good IKEA picks

 It's no secret that I love Ikea. Please refer to my last post if you question this declaration of love. One thing I really should note is that ikea isn't just a huge warehouse full of cheapo furniture. If you go to the second level, you will walk into a Mecca of homewares. Do yourself a favor and grab a cart because there will be so many goodies that you'll want to scoop up.  I've listed below a few of my favorite items. So do yourself a favor and scoop these up for yourself as well. Oh, and just an FYI, the furniture prices are low, but if you have a careful eye and put in some sweat equity, you can make a cheap piece of furniture one that gets soooo many compliments!!
                                                               Toftbo $12.99
This bath mat will change your morning routine. 100% guaranteed. I bought one on a whim and was quickly surprised how soft yet durable this sucker is. Most bath mats lose their flufiness the minute your wet feet hit the floor. Not this guy. I bought mine in white in sticking with the hotel look I'm aiming for. If I could recommend one thing out of this whole list, this is it!!

                                                                   Hiring $6.99
                      This is the cutest bowl to serve a salad out of. It is so incredibly cute in person!

                                                         Sommarfint $.99 each
                                     And yes I have these on the bar cart.  Obviously!!

                                                              Salong $7.99
                                            This vase is just perfect if you ask me.

                                                            Smycka $1.99 each
Now I'm not usually a fan of fake flowers. Let's be real, they are tacky with a capital t! But the tulips here will fool anyone!!! And as an added bonus, you can save a lot of money on fresh stems if you're anything like me and buy fresh flowers weekly!

                                                                Fecka $4.99
Yet another fake plant that I approve. I have these on my porch's bistro table so they are exposed to rain, heat, direct sun, ice, you name it. And they hold up like you wouldn't believe. 

                                                            Pruta $4.99 (17 pieces)
Second best purchase I recommend. I use this food storage all the time!! You cannot beat that price!!
                                                                  Korken $3.99

                                                             Gemack $9.99

And there you have it, a few of my top Ikea picks!! 

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