Pillow talk

Ever since I was strong enough to scoot furniture around, I've been known to have a need for consistent change when it comes to home decor. My childhood room went through every possible arrangement and I started buying decor items as soon as I had summer job income. So it's no surprise that I get that "bug" rather frequently still to this day. 

Earlier this year I was on a bright and bold color kick. Example A...
Just look at all those throw pillows' colors! I still love them, but am ready for a change. And I've decided to go with a clean, white aesthetic.  So I've been starting the hunt and here's what I have my eye on.

This guy is at west elm and I love the muted grey embroidery. Just seems very simple and serene...exactly what I'm going for.

I've been lusting over this for a while. It's a target find and trust me...it's rather impressive in person!!

                                        Another target find. And it's on sale!!

Target does it again! Nt on sale, but still worth every penny.

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