My weekend

Working for the weekend must be the theme song for my life these days. 

I have gotten quite a bit accomplished the past two days. It all started around 12:30 am with several allergy attacks and throat closings, I discovered that my dogs must have roled around in something that I'm clearly allergic to. It was at this point that I knew I had to get out of bed, strip all the linens, aggressively bathe both pups and then remake the bed with fresh linens. I believe that took an hour and I've been washing linens all weekend. Yet another reminder that having someone clean my house is a luxury I'm willing to fork the cash over for.

Ever since starting my new job, I have become highly aware that my wardrobe isn't up to par. This led me down a path that I became painfully aware that I had let myself go to a degree. I got into a routine where I wore the same stuff over and over and so much just sat in my closet. So I decided that those days are over and have reorganized the racks to make sure that I am aware of all that's hanging in there so I don't neglect the blouses and dresses I love but never remember to pull out. And of course, I went on a mini spree and added a few pieces to spruce things up.


I couldn't pass this little guy up. Game day dress I can wear now, yes please!!

Mid day yesterday, I treated myself to a few bites of these suckers. They are incredible to say the least.

Loaded up on some staples from target. And I was beyond pumped that I FINALLY found the glitter sandals in my size. I think bloggers have swiped these guys the second they hit the shelves, so I call this a blog miracle.

Got some summer pjs. Another target score (on sale too!!) and I have a feeling that I will be sporting these guys immediately after setting the keys on the counter after a long day at work.

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